Bad Dreams Behind EvCC Social Media Mess

October 5, 2015

Everett, Everett Schools


There were no issues at Everett Community College today.

It appears bad dreams shared on social media led to some upset students and parents deciding today was a good day to stay away from Everett Community College. Here’s the latest from EvCC…

The Everett and Mukilteo police departments have concluded their investigation into a former student’s Facebook postings. The officers and detectives have concluded that the person posting the messages is not a threat.

The man told police that he meant no harm and did not mean to cause any fear, and that the dreams he had that were dreams of bad things happening on Oct. 5 like earthquakes and storms. The man was given some suggestions for communicating in a different way so as not to have messages interpreted in the way they were over the past three days.

Based on the information from the police from this afternoon and on what earlier information was provided to us, EvCC will continue to be open. And we’ll continue prioritize the safety of EvCC students, faculty, and staff.

For students who missed class today, please talk with your instructor. EvCC Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Alison Stevens has asked faculty to take the reason for student absences today into consideration when deciding how to handle missed work.

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