Citizens To Propose Districts For Everett City Council

September 27, 2015

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Everett City Council

Should Everett City Council move to 5 districts and 2 at-large positions?

Received word today that a group of citizens has drawn up a proposed map of five specific districts for the Everett City Council. They want to see the council move from seven at-large positions to five separate districts and two at-large positions. Here’s more from a Facebook page started by city activist Megan Dunn.

“Everett would benefit by addressing the geographic, gender, socioeconomic, racial and ethic minority disparity on the council. One way to improve representation on the council is to vote by districts. Currently, all council members serve at-large.

We’ll be presenting information that supports a need for district voting (as 5 city district and 2 at large positions) and presenting a districted map of Everett. The proposed map and districts boundaries were drawn by Dr. Richard Morrill, Professor Emeritus, University of Washington. Dr. Morrill assisted with the district boundaries in Seattle and is a noted expert in his field.

The council has the legislative power to evaluate and recommend a change from an at-large to a mixed electoral system to increase political participation. If the council chooses, a majority can approve to make this electoral change, or allow the voters to decide by placing the issue on the ballot and passing by voter election. A third option is a citizen initiative petition to include mixed districts on the ballot.

We’ll be asking for the council to review the proposal and consider including district elections on the next eligible ballot-to allow the people of Everett to decide. Please join me in asking the council to take this historic step!”

Dunn writes that they will present the plan this Wednesday night at 6:30 at the Everett City Council meeting at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett.

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