What’s The Difference Between Living In North or South Everett?

September 26, 2015

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Making connections

Friends of the Everett Public Library invite you to meet your neighbors and express your opinions.

Do you have an answer to that question? If so, come by the main branch of the library in downtown Everett Monday night and share your view with others. Two weeks ago residents shared their opinions at the south Everett library, now round two is set for Monday at 6:30PM. It’s part of the Friends of the Everett Library Making Connections Series. Here are a few more details…

Join Everett’s Neighborhood Leaders in an engaging discussion about what it means to live in North Everett, or in South Everett. Although much of the area referred to as South Everett was annexed more than fifty years ago, many residents still perceive a division between north and south Everett. And like many cities, Everett struggles with challenges of civic participation and social inclusion. Is it possible these perceived divisions hinder civic progress or, does a division really exist? Hear Everett’s Neighborhood Association leaders discuss their neighborhoods.

6:30 pm, Monday September 28th, Main Library 2702 Hoyt Ave, Everett, 98201


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10 Responses to “What’s The Difference Between Living In North or South Everett?”

  1. Pilchucker Says:

    I love both South and North Everett: North is great for its walkable downtown with great bars, but the south end is waaaay more convenient in terms of shopping, and yes, even going out to eat. It has better restaurants overall. I also like the idea of not having to park my car on the side of the street.

    I don’t perceive a divide. We are all Everettites (Is that what we are called? lol). We are getting to see this city FINALLY turn into something great as it has been these past few years. Let’s all do our part. Pick up garbage when you see it, and enjoy the great music and events!

  2. SouthPaw Says:

    Everett has become a drug infested town North and South.
    I’ve have lived in both parts and they’re just as bad. There’s needles north and south games north and south crime north and south Everett just needs to get their shit together and clean this town up just say no to the druggies let’s take back our town!

    • SouthPaw Says:

      *( Gangs )

    • Pilchucker Says:

      There are wonderful parts of both North and South Everett. Yes, there is a heroin epidemic in this country and Western WA is affected by it. Keep in mind, though, that Seattle’s crime surpasses Everett’s now per 100,000 people, yet cost way more to live there.

      That said, yes, let’s clean this place up.

  3. Everett Resident Says:

    If only the (passive) police would do their jobs maybe there wouldn’t be any difference in North and South Everett. This city needs to take lessons from communities such as Edmonds as to how to get control over crime and also use the present laws regarding junk. How many old mattresses and sofa’s are put by the roads, for example. Why is that allowed? I could go on…but, in general, CLEAN this city up!! Too many areas are slummy-looking.

  4. kim Walden Says:

    I am born and raised here and, I love North Everett, it still has the small town qualities, and the police on this side keep the streets and our homes safe. I can walk the streets at any hour ans feel safe. Yes there are places that should be avoided, but as a whole, North Everett has a sense of community that I don’t see south. I also feel gangs are becoming an issue on the south side, the crime problem is so much larger. Making me hope the two sides never merge, we can always travel to the other side. To me they are different world’s!

    • Anonymous Says:

      Maybe if people like you didn’t demand so much protection from ALL the police force for north there would be less gangs here in the south

    • Walter K. Says:

      While the sense of communicate likely comes from the small town vibe in certain parts of North Everett, this illusion that the crime problem is “so much larger” in the south side is just that, an illusion.

  5. Robert Says:

    More crime and crazy homeless people in North Everett. South Everett is catching up though. Becoming a trashy place to live.

  6. Anonymous Says:

    This should be good !!!