Felon Flees From Everett Police Dog – Needs Rescue By Everett Fire

August 26, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

Felon chase

As a reward for tracking the suspect an Everett K-9 gets some play time.

Felon chase 2

Technical rescue crews prepare to go down into a ravine.

Felon chase 3

A basket and backboard are brought down so the suspect can be hauled up the ravine.

Felon search 4

Powerful lights had to be strung so crews could see where they were going in the thick woods.

felon chase 6

Medics check out the man’s medical condition.

felon chase 7

The man is transferred to a waiting ambulance.

A wanted felon tried to escape from Everett Police Wednesday night by running behind houses, through yards and finally into deep woods in west central Everett.

That didn’t work out so well as in the end he needed to be rescued from a deep ravine by Everett Firefighters.

Here’s what we know.

Shortly after 9:00PM an Everett Police officer tried to contact a man wanted for felony escape in an area east of Glenwood Avenue.

A K-9 was called and the dog, handler and another officer began tracking the suspect north through the neighborhood.

The chase went on for about a mile through extremely heavy woods, brush, into ravines and through streams until the K-9 was able to pin the suspect down in one spot.

Backup officers who had been working containment had to use machetes to get to where the dog had caught up to the suspect.

That turned out to be in a ravine west of the 5200 block of 1st Drive West off Brookridge Boulevard.

Technical rescue crews from the Everett Fire Department were called out when it was determined the suspect couldn’t walk out.

Multiple crews responded and had to rappel 200 feet down to the bottom of the ravine to secure the suspect and then haul him back up.

The suspect had non life-threatening injuries and was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center to be checked out before being booked into jail.

No officers, firefighters or K-9s were injured during the chase and rescue.


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