Gunshots, Car Crash, Power Outage Wakes Everett Neighborhood

August 25, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter


Markers lead from the street to the front door of this duplex.

shooting 2

The driver’s window appears shattered in this Chevrolet.

Editor’s Update 6:00PM: Everett Police say the man shot this morning is a man in his 30s. An update on his condition has not been provided. Detectives from the Major Crimes Unit continue to investigate.

Kenwood shooting

This car was found empty at the scene.

Kenwood shooting

The car ran over this power box putting the neighborhood in the dark.

Kenwood shooting

Another look at the path the car took.

Kenwood shooting 4

Signs of gunfire included broken glass in the street.

Kenwood shooting

This duplex is also part of the crime scene.

Kenwood shooting 6

Several neighbor’s cars were stuck until police could process the crime scene.

It was a rude awakening for residents of one west central Everett neighborhood today.

Around 4:15 this morning there were reports of gunshots and a car crash in the 6000 block of Kenwood Drive. Power was also out in the area.

Everett police responded and found a full size Chevrolet had gone out of control, run over a power box and smashed into a car.

There was blood and broken glass in the street and evidence of gunfire. Vehicles had been reported speeding away from the neighborhood and police had stopped an SUV blocks away.

The one thing missing was a victim. About 15 minutes later, Providence Regional Medical Center on Colby reported a man had been dropped off with a gunshot wound.

Patrol officers have taped off a large portion of the neighborhood, the PUD was called to work on the power outage and Major Crimes detectives from the Everett Police Department are now on scene trying to determine exactly what happened.

So far no arrests and no word on the victim. We’ll let you know more as information becomes available.

Here are a few photos from the scene.


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8 Responses to “Gunshots, Car Crash, Power Outage Wakes Everett Neighborhood”

  1. Eleanore Says:

    Well maybe they’re not random shootings but they sure are happening about once a week now someone gets shot in Everett

  2. E. Rection Says:

    I love my HOOD~~~BANG BANG!!

  3. rowan Says:

    a lot of people here are saying gang bangers and random shootings, but i live in this neighborhood, it wasnt random.

    the man knew the people he shot at. we still dont know WHY he did, but hes been here often before. and this particular neighborhood has never had ANYTHING happen the 14 years ive been here, its very quiet and safe. needless to say it scared us all.

    • TheDEREK! Says:

      Welp, time to move

    • PissedoffMOM Says:

      This was definitely NOT random!

      I live in this neighborhood as well (10 years) and nothing of this magnitude has ever happened. It goes to show one bad person moves in, they bring their bad friends, and a neighborhood with 20 plus kids in one block gets shot up.

      Thank goodness no one innocent got hurt. The supposed “victim” is just as much a criminal as the person that shot him.

      I am really pissed about the damage every neighbor is dealing with. Multiple transformers blew due to this car hitting the power box. This in turn caused power surges completely frying modems, computers, coffee pots, alarm clocks, DVD players and who knows what else I and others haven’t came across yet. All of this is in addition to bullet hole after bullet hole neighbors found in their cars.

      My child is completely scared to go outside out of fear no one has been arrested and they can come back at anytime. So the damage is more than materialistic.

      This was not just a disturbance in the wee morning hours.

  4. Eleanore Says:

    Sick of gang bangers and all these random shootings

    • Govenor Says:

      Gangs? Guns kill people don’t. More taxes and WE can solve any issue I promise. Do I have your vote?

  5. Player Says:

    Life n da hood yo!