Everett Food Truck Fans Find Fulfillment

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Thousands lined up for their favorite food from 10am – 4pm.

Food Truck 2

These hot dogs were huge.

Food Truck 3

There was a wide variety of choices.

Food Truck 4

Yes, Japanese style hot dogs.

Food Truck 5

A taste of New Orleans.

Food Truck 6

You don’t need a food truck when you’ve got a BBQ trailer.

Food Truck 9

TCBY Everett offered a healthy choice.

Thousands of people packed the streets of downtown Everett today for two events now in their third year.

The Bubble Run started at Everett High School as runners went through a 3.5 mile course with stops through colored bubbles along the way.

Then beginning around 10:00am it was a race to your favorite food truck.

Food vendors of most anything you can imagine lined Colby between Everett Avenue and 25th street.

The lines outside of almost every truck grew long but most of them did move quickly.

Here are a few MyEverettNews.com photos of some of the vendors.

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2 Responses to “Everett Food Truck Fans Find Fulfillment”

  1. Mie Says:

    My son and I attended, had some really great food. But we were disappointed that not all of the advertised food trucks showed up. We were told that 3 of them bailed for whatever reason.

  2. Tyler Says:

    Gip’s Down-Home Barbecue makes a sauce called “Slow Death.” I tried it on a bratwurst (very good bratwurst, by the way.) It had a great flavor, but it was so spicy it made a grown man cry in the street. It was amazing; I bought a bottle.