Everett Awaits Fire Department Study

Editor’s Update Thursday Aug 20th 12:45pm: The Draft report has now been released to the city. It is 216 pages long and again in draft form. It does not yet include short or long term recommendations. You can click the link below to read the draft.

Everett, WA_SOC_082015_Phase I-1

Everett Fire Department

Should the Everett Fire Department make major changes in how it operates?

In September of last year the Everett City Council authorized spending $66,400.00 to review the operations of the Everett Fire Department. The contract was awarded to Fitch and Associates, LLC. You can see the contract and the scope of what the study was to cover here.

Last week the Everett City Council received a briefing from Fitch and Associates in the form of a power point presentation. Fitch did not present their actual report. Councilmember Brenda Stonecipher asked for a copy of the report and the Mayor asked Fitch to provide it.

Everett Fire Chief Murray Gordon made a formal request for the report and asked that it be delivered by tonight’s city council meeting. That has not happened and during tonight’s city council meeting Mayor Stephanson said the report is expected to be here by Friday.

As part of their power point presentation last week the representatives of Fitch offered three options they say could save the City of Everett anywhere from 2 to 7 million dollars. All three options included closing fire stations 4 and 5. They also suggested relocating poorly designed and out of date stations to areas more central to the majority of calls.

Other options included contracting out basic life support calls and using more medics than firefighters during peak times.

Fitch representatives advised the council they look at things differently than other consultants and that it was up to the city to decide its level of risk versus cost savings. The reports were to be delivered in three phases…

Phase I: A preliminary analysis of of Fire Department Operations and Management and Identification of Short and Long Term Opportunities.

Phase II: Evaluation of Short Term Opportunities

Phase III: Comprehensive Analysis of Fire Department Operations and Management and Comprehensive Long Term Opportunity Analysis

Neither the city council or the fire department has seen the reports but last week’s presentation has already prompted the following responses…

The Firefighters Union Local 46 today went on their Facebook page and asked members of the public to write directly to all of the Everett City Council members and urge them not to close any fire stations at all.

Everett Fire Chief Murray Gordon told MyEverettNews.com: “The devil will be in the details and right now there are no details.”

Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson told MyEverettNews.com: “It’s way, way, way too early to make any judgement and we will take whatever time necessary to do the right thing. All of this depends on negotiations with the Union.”

So for now all parties involved will wait for the actual report to come out, study it and see where to go next.


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5 Responses to “Everett Awaits Fire Department Study”

  1. TaxThis Says:

    Do a revealing calendar and sell it to Ed Murray and friends.

  2. Riveaira Says:

    People who save lives expendable. People who make big money decisions not. Very sad. The general public will suffer. Betcha those decision makers would feel differently if they lost a loved one because the first responders could not come quickly enough because the distance they had to travel took too long.

  3. Anon Says:

    About time. What a waste of money and resources to have these fully staffed 24/7.

  4. View Ridge Says:

    Stations 4 & 5 are in south Everett along the Madison/Glenwood east-west corridor, covering opposite sides of Evergreen Way from Broadway to Mukilteo Boulevard.

    Station 5 is well-placed for quick access to Colby, Evergreen Way, and Broadway. It is surrounded by older homes and businesses with no undeveloped land nearby.

    Station 4 is placed in a less-developed area along Glenwood although there are a lot of newer multistory apartment complexes, the business parks surrounding Boeing, and the view homes along Mukilteo Boulevard within the range of this station. There has been steady growth here and the station is not large. The economic value of the area surrounding Station 4 exceeds even vaunted Grand & Rucker while the station is a plain serviceable pillbox.

    This smacks of north Everett’s pretended elitism and continued neglect of south Everett. The commissioning of this report appears to be orchestrated theater, with the Mayor and/or council instructing the consultants to present cuts to the Fire Department, with south Everett being expendable.

  5. NWpathfinder Says:

    This is BS. The City of Everett is putting all their money into an over budget new building so they can sit on their butts in new comfy offices. Downtown is dying and the surrounding areas are full of methheads and prostitutes. Come on Everett the money and resources should be going to adding police and first responders not closing down stations. My god has the old money of this town forgotten about the people. I was born and raised in Everett and work there today. I work at a company down by the mission and let me tell you it’s like hell on earth. You want to see a real life zombie apocalypses just come down to Smith street and spend a day. Dealers, druggies and whores are everywhere everyday. Police are there every few weeks when we complain enough. Instead of thinking about yourselves why not think about the community, the people who voted for you and not your lazy ass.

    That is all…..Carry On.