Car Strikes Man In Wheelchair On Everett Mall Way

August 19, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

wheelchair accident

Bystanders help the man who was hit.

wheelchair accident 2

The man is transferred from his wheelchair to a stretcher.

wheelchair accident 3

The wheelchair was struck by the red car.

A man was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center by Medic Unit after being struck by a car near Applebees on Everett Mall Way Wednesday afternoon.

The man was apparently going west in a motorized wheelchair along a sidewalk and then driveway when he was caught by the wheel of a car turning onto Everett Mall Way.

Bystanders rushed to help the man and the driver of the car stayed and was cooperating with police. No word yet on the extent of the man’s injuries.

Everett Police traffic investigators were arriving on scene as took these pictures.

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5 Responses to “Car Strikes Man In Wheelchair On Everett Mall Way”

  1. Mark Warren Says:

    Anyone who does any walking in Everett knows that drivers do not care. And the only way to make them care is to make the fines hurt. Was this driver allowed to just drive away after this incident? Sorry, but his vehicle should have been impounded and his license revoked for a year, if this is the first offense. I am sick and tired of having to dodge drivers everywhere in this city.
    PEOPLE have the right of way in every situation and the city should make SURE that drivers know that when they are in this city.

    • Susan Says:

      Yes pedestrians have the right of way but they to have to respect the law and stop look both ways and walk when safe to, not just step of the curb without stopping and looking for a car. Drivers have no idea sometimes that pedestrians are just going to step out with out stopping and looking they just walk like they have that right. You have to respect the law like everyone else. So so many time I see people walk against the light or walk on a don’t walk red light then get mad when a driver is making his legal turn, it works both way’s.

    • Robert Says:

      Yea… Everett has the worst pedestrians ever. I almost hit a lady in a motorized wheelchair crossing 4th by 112th a few weeks ago. It was like 3:30pm with heavy traffic and instead of waiting for the crosswalk she decides to just roll out into moving traffic causing everyone to slam there breaks. Several people honked and yelled at her and she just mozied on like she owned the street. It’s like all the pedestrians around here are high or something.

      • Phoebe Says:

        I agree Robert! I have also had similar experiences while driving in Everett. I do not feel guilty about being a good driver.