Everett Photo Mystery – Help Needed

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photo 4We get many different inquiries here at MyEverettNews.com. Recently we were contacted by a woman in Florida who picked up some photo books at a garage sale.

They featured a family from Everett in the 1920s. Some were of the wedding of a Marion Snow to Edward Theodore Kline at the Everett Country Club on September 3rd, 1925.

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Albert Scott were Marion Snow’s parents. There are also photos of the governor and others.

Other names include Arthur Scott Klein and Arthur Albert Scott. Some of the photos date back to 1907.

She’d simply like to get the photo books back to the family where they may belong. If you have information you can leave a reply in the comment section below and we’ll try to hook you up with the lady who has the photos.

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12 Responses to “Everett Photo Mystery – Help Needed”

  1. Mary Scott Says:

    Success!! The photos found by SL in Florida have found a family home. A large box arrived filled with family photos and information. I have already updated the Scott family tree. Thank you so much for the effort of the Everett News and SL for reuniting these treasures with family.

  2. Mary E. Scott Says:

    Could anyone hook me up with the woman who has the photos?

  3. Mary E. Scott Says:

    I began researching my Scott family just last year. My father was Myron Kingsbury Scott and grandfather was Myron Kingsbury Scott who went by Kingsbury. Although I know of the Kingsbury Scott brothers I do not know much about the Washington Scott brothers. I was interested if the family was reached about the photos. I would greatly enjoy just seeing some of them via e-mail. Any further information would also be treasured.

  4. Lisa Says:

    I found this obituary for both Mary E. Scott and her husband Myron Scott. They had 3 sons. Arthur Albert Scott who lived in Everett WA and was the Vice President of the Crown Lumber Company in Mukilteo, which ran under that name from 1909-1930, previously the Mukilteo Lumber Company. She had grew up in Grand Haven and lived there until less than a year before her death. Her two other sons lived in Grand Haven, Eugene Scott and Kingsbury Scott. Hope this gives someone a lead as to who the pictures belong to. I really want to find out if they find a home.

  5. B Says:

    The couple had moved to FL from WA and was in an auto accident per the following death notice. Notice mentions they had one son and she had at least one brother still in WA at the time.

    • Lisa Says:

      How interesting. To find that obituary is so cool. A lot of information there. I wonder if they ever found an owner for the pictures.

  6. Lisa Says:

    I found out that in 1936 he and his wife Marion S Kline lived at 219 W 9th Port Angeles WA and he was the assistant manager at Olympic Forest Production Co.

  7. Lisa Says:

    I love these kind of stories. A woman in Oregon found a picture of my Uncle Pius at an antique store and tracked me down through ancestry.com. We didn’t have any pictures of him so this was priceless to me. I would try ancestry.com and see if someone in that family has a tree that you could make contact through. Good Luck!

  8. SJLatshaw Says:

    Still working on finding other family members, but it looks like Edward and Marion are both buried in Everett. They passed away in 1940, just one day apart. ♡ You can see photos of their graves at the following links (to FindAGrave.com, an awesome genealogical resource):



  9. Steve Says:

    I asked a few buddies on Historic Everett, who didn’t recognize the name. They also suggested going to the library’s Northwest Room, and talking to the two historians there.

  10. Kim Says:

    I would suggest contacting David Dilgard Northwest historian at the Everett public library. 425-257-8000. He is an expert in all things Everett.