Who Put Pianos All Over Downtown Everett?

Street Tunes 1

18-year-old Talia plays outside Silver Cup Coffee.

Street Tunes 2

The Piano is called “Tickle My Keys” and was painted by artist Jackie Cort.

Street Tunes 3

Talia writes and performs original material. You can often find her at Café Zippy.

The City of Everett did!

Street Tunes is back.

After the Everett City Council meeting Wednesday night MyEverettNews.com found Talia playing the “Tickle My Keys” piano.

“I’m impressed that these are downtown,” Talia said. “I played one for about an hour over on Hoyt earlier tonight and people were honking and waving.”

The 18-year-old singer songwriter is one of many today who were giving impromptu concerts around Everett. 19 pianos will be out for the next three weeks.

In addition to making great music they are also wonderful works of art and you can vote for your favorite.

Here’s a list of locations, more information about Street Tunes and a link where you can cast a vote.

Join the fun along the sidewalks of downtown Everett with “Street Tunes: An Invitation to Jam,” now through Wednesday, Aug. 25. Passersby are invited to play any of the 19 pianos that have been decorated by local artists.

Everett Street Tunes is an interactive art project, from start to finish, beginning with the commissioning of artists to decorate each piano. This year’s artists and pianos, include some seasoned Street Tunes veterans, as well as some newcomers.

Carol Thomas, cultural arts manager for City of Everett, explains that through the years, due to the increasing popularity of the project, there have been more pianos added.

“We want everyone to participate in our interactive art project and make Street Tunes a memorable summer experience,” Thomas said.

Among the pianos will be several People’s Choice Winners from past years, including Music Leopard Lounge by Janet Wold, Summer Reflections by Shannon Danks and Meow Art by Cathy Tanasse.

Thomas said the pianos not only allow participants to contribute to the art scene in the city, but also attract attention to businesses in the downtown core.

“Street Tunes is a really fun aspect of summertime in Everett,” Thomas said. “It allows everyone to enjoy our downtown and brings out their creative side.”

For more information about Everett Street Tunes, or to submit a vote for your favorite piano, please visiteverettwa.gov/streettunes.

Piano locations include:

• Imagine Children’s Museum, 1502 Wall St., Play Me a Tune in the Rolling Hills by Krista Jefferson

• Schack Art Center, 2921 Hoyt. Ave., Music Leopard Lounge by Janet Wold

• Everett Library, 2702 Hoyt Ave., Broadway Boogie Woogie by Si Newland

• Homestreet Bank, 2720 Hoyt Ave., Meow Art by Cathy Tanasse

• Craving Cajun Grill, 2915 Colby Ave., Mambo Kings Sing Songs of Love by Cheri O’Brien

• Best Nails, 2928 Colby Ave., Summer Reflections by Shannon Danks

• Renee’s Contemporary Clothing 2820 Colby Ave., Moonlight Garden Jam by Holly Stafford

• Major League Pizza, 2811 Colby Ave., Jimi Hendrix Experience by Jesse Jeter

• Silver Cup Coffee, 2707 Colby Ave., Tickle My Keys by Jackie Cort

• Petite Sweet & J. Matheson Gifts, 2615 Colby Ave., Nature’s Melodies by Cassandra Reed

• Wicked Cellars, 2616 Colby Ave., Night Concerto by Anna Mastronardi Novak

• Wetmore Theatre Plaza, 2710 Wetmore Ave., Intertwined by Amber Forrest

• Café Zippy, 2811 Wetmore Ave., Pacific Coast Rocks by Melana Bontrager

• Sno-Isle Co-op & Sisters Restaurant, 2804 Grand Ave., Produce Sounds by Elizabeth Person

• Vintage Café, 1510 Hewitt Ave., All Star Player Piano by Cathy Tanasse

• Sol Food, 1405 Hewitt Ave., Epoca Rosso by Alexander Vincini

• Scuttlebutt Brewery, 1205 Craftsman Way, The Phantom by Jeromy Sawdon

• Everett Transit Station, 3201 Smith Ave.
o Outdoors – Sun in Raven in Whale by Darrin Hess & Jane Meagher
o Indoors – Joy Unspeakable by Kim Williams

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