Thieves Arrested After Targeting ATM Users In Everett

July 23, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

ATM thieves

Suspect photos provided by Everett Police.

Everett Police just posted this crime bulletin about the arrest of multiple suspects who targeted people taking large sums of money out of ATM machines in Everett and the surrounding area. The majority of the victims took money out of the ATM at BECU at 112th and Evergreen Way. If you’ve been a victim and haven’t reported it or have seen these guys around, please contact Everett Police at the number below.

Over the past three months, 17 victims in the region withdrew large sums of cash from banks. Of those, 12 were from Everett. Most of the victims left the cash in their vehicles while running errands and returned to find the money gone. It is believed that two suspects followed the victims from the banks, broke into the vehicles and stole the money. In most cases, the vehicles were not occupied; however, two female victims were contacted and told they had flat tires. It was later determined that the tires had been intentionally slashed. In other cases, money was stolen from a male as he helped push a vehicle blocking the roadway while another man was robbed at gunpoint.

Reported losses are over $91,000. Locally, 11 of the victims withdrew money from a Boeing Employees Credit Union (BECU) branch office (11127 Evergreen Way) and one victim from a Wells Fargo bank (7502 Evergreen Way).

On July 17th, the Everett Police Department and the Snohomish Regional Drug & Gang Task Force conducted a surveillance operation to locate, identify and arrest the suspects. The suspects were apprehended after stealing money from an undercover vehicle and were booked into the Snohomish County Jail under the names of Giovanny Ramirez-Pedraza, a 28 year-old male from Renton, and Javier Rojas-Diaz, a 45 year-old male from Kent. Both males have been released pending the criminal court process. It is believed the suspects primarily use vans and SUV’s to facilitate their crimes and additional suspects may be involved.

Property Crimes detectives reminder ATM users to be alert of their surroundings and never leave valuables or cash inside a vehicle.

Anyone with information about these incidents or has been a victim of a similar crime is asked to call the Everett Police Department TIP LINE at (425) 257-8450 or Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound at 1-800-222-TIPS.


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11 Responses to “Thieves Arrested After Targeting ATM Users In Everett”

  1. anon Says:

    um. They’ve been released?

  2. Michael Says:

    If we had more armed citizens willing to take a life to defend themselves and their property this would be less of issue. The police and courts obviously can’t handle the situation. I think if the news was 30+ minutes of story’s about trespassers and thieves being shot or beat we would eventually hear less story’s about trespassers and thieves in general.

  3. Michael Says:

    Rojas-diaz? Ramirez-pedraza? Kent and Auburn huh? I think they came from further south than that. How the hell do we let trash like this stay in our country?

  4. anon Says:

    Go back to Mexico

  5. Anon Says:

    Donald Trump doesn’t have to prove his own statements. They prove themselves.

  6. Trump Says:

    Ooh, sounds like there are job opportunities.

  7. EverettRes Says:

    Wow $91k between 17 victims is a little over $5k being withdrawn per victim. I didn’t even know you could get that much from an ATM. Maybe I read that wrong. Very unfortunate and a good reminder to be careful with your valuables because someone could be watching.

  8. NoProblema Says:

    Is Everett a sanctuary city?

  9. NReality Says:

    These outstanding citizens were probably out of jail before this article even posted. Come to Washington state and let the taxpayers be held accountable and not the criminals. Rape, robbery, murder, dui, or molestation it does not make a difference. From the combover governor on down you enable these crimes with your weak laws and wrist slapping punishment.