Plan Now For Downtown Everett Parking Crunch Next Week

parking lot

All of these parking spots go away next week.

Starting next week if you visit Everett City Hall, Snohomish County’s Administration – Courthouse Complex, the Jail or Xfinity Arena get ready to park farther and walk further. Next week the parking lot on the north side of Wall street will be fenced off as work begins on a new Snohomish County Courthouse. The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office has already sent out the following reminder…

Beginning Monday, July 27, the construction site for the new Snohomish County courthouse, located between Oakes and Rockefeller Avenues, will be permanently closed for any access.

The three existing surface parking lots will no longer be available for use. The entire construction area will be secured by fencing to the property line, so street parking on Rockefeller and Oakes Avenues and Wall Street will still be available for a short period of time.

The Sheriff’s Office will provide additional notification when street parking is no longer available due to construction.

These closures may impact visitors to the Sheriff’s Office and jail, especially those who are scheduled to visit inmates. If you are coming to the courthouse for Sheriff’s Office services, please give yourself extra time to find parking.

There are parking lots north of the area and of course the EverPark Garage and the garage for Trinity Lutheran College but both are a bit of a walk. We’ll let you know as we get updates from the county and the city on any new parking arrangements but the above advice is appropriate. Give yourself extra time in downtown Everett.


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