What Restaurant Should Be Inside Downtown Everett Marriott?

Everett Marriott

After years of delays this project is rapidly moving forward.

Everett Marriott hotel

So what restaurant would you like to see here?

Got a request from the folks responsible for leasing space in the Courtyard by Marriott hotel being built in downtown Everett at the corner of Colby and Wall street. They’d like to know what type of restaurant people in Everett would like to see there. Take a look at their description and then leave your suggestions as a comment at the end of the article. We’ll pass along your ideas to them.

This is first generation corner restaurant space we have coming available in the new downtown Everett 156 room Marriott hotel. This 4,311 sf suite with over 20′ ceilings will be on the lighted corner intersection of Colby Avenue and Wall Street. Ideally we are looking for a full service restaurant, but would consider alternative food uses or restaurant/retail mix as we can split the space to approximately 1,311 sf.

Walking distance to new year round Farmer’s Market, courthouse and Xfinity Event Center. Delivery for Tenant Improvements to commence is estimated 1st Qtr. 2016.

I would be interested to hear from the Everett readers what Snohomish or King County restaurants they would like to see move into their downtown, for a improving retail core. Is it an existing Snohomish or King County restaurant? National operator like The Rock or Chipotle? We are targeting a mix of both currently and the response to this opportunity to open a full service restaurant so far has been really positive.

Again, feel free to leave your suggestions as a comment below…

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37 Responses to “What Restaurant Should Be Inside Downtown Everett Marriott?”

  1. Paula Says:

    We need something urban feeling and gourmet, like E pu’lo in Edmonds. Great menu, food and ambience!

  2. Ian Says:

    It would be a far-fetched idea, given that they only currently have locations in Oregon, but I would love to see Little Big Burger in Everett.

  3. Patrick Says:

    I don’t think there’s ROOM for a Cheesecake Factory! It’s a 4300sf suite per the info above… every C.F. I’ve ever been to is HUGE.

    We used to have a Keg steak house but they closed several years ago (now, to be fair, that was on Casino across the street from Fred Meyer in a tiny hole in the wall).

    I agree an established steak house would be a good addition to the Everett mix…but maybe there are some other options out there like some of the smaller cafe type restaurants, as described by Barb or Marcela/Matt/ASA above!

    I also think there’s some merit to the idea of making it a family friendly cafe/coffee/dessert or sports-themed restaurant/pub (NOT a bar) type of venue.

    Running with their idea for possibly splitting/subletting the floorspace: Maybe split the space to put in a cafe/coffee/dessert alongside a live-music dance floor/eating area and invite in food trucks? It’d be nice to offer the food truck owners an anchor up here in Everett to help build their following/customer base.

  4. Barb Says:

    I would vote for some place like Joey’s: http://joeyrestaurants.com/menu/#!/restaurant/409/our-food . There is one at UVillage and I think they have a nice broad, healthy, reasonably priced menu (including delicious deserts if you have a sweet tooth and they have a full service bar). Would appeal to visitors and locals alike.

  5. Linda Says:

    I would Love to see the Cheesecake Factory .

  6. Anonymous Says:

    I think it would be great to have some sort of Steak House

  7. Yela Says:

    I vote for Cheesecake Factory or Keg.

  8. Mary Says:

    What about a Margaritaville Restaurant? With Jimmy Buffett’s famous Cheeseburgers in Paradise and great seafood.

  9. Marcela Says:

    Something like Portage Bay Cafe (in Seattle’s U District) would be great. They sell local, organic, etc, and do attract a big crowd, both from locals, visitors and families, both during weekdays and on the weekends. Their U District restaurant is actually just under the University Inn, so their association with an hotel seems to work…

    • Matt Says:

      I second a portage bay cafe style restaurant.

    • ASA Says:

      Good idea, Marcela. Portage Bay Café (and other restaurants like it) seem to be very popular in Pacific Northwest cities. This type of health/environment conscious restaurant could be a new experience for many travelers. In my opinion, this would bolster Everett’s image as a unique and thriving city.

  10. SCotty Says:

    Cheesecake Factory!!!!!!!!

  11. Eleanore Says:

    The Keg would be nice

  12. Cheryl Says:

    I would love to see a family friendly sports bar & brewery such as the Ram.

  13. Utah Red Says:

    Coffee shop, full service restaurant closes late. There is no place in downtown to get dessert and a coffee after 9pm, example Historic Everett Theater or Village Theater show, only bars are open.

  14. Why Is Market Delayed Says:

    I keep hearing that there is supposedly a “Year Round Farmer’s Market.” The original investor brochures said it would open in summer of 2014. It seems to keep getting delayed further.

    I have only read about two potential tenants and none seem to be farmers.

    Could this be because it was promised as being owned and operated by farmers… and now appears to be a commercial enterprise of Lobsang Dargey instead?

  15. ~ cheryl Says:

    Tom Douglas, Thierry Rautureau, or Ethan Stowell should all be considered. The broad appeal of a nationally known, ranked chef/restauranteur with local connections to the region.

  16. Kevin Says:

    Cheescake Factory it has broad apeal

  17. Zeppelin Bob Says:

    Uno’s Chicago Grill.

  18. Arliene Wilkerson Says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings

  19. Janet Gillespie-Bayyuk Says:

    How about Tom Douglas!! He uses local ingredients and is health conscious!!

  20. dhal9000 Says:

    We should introduce visitors to the wonders of local, in-season, organic cuisine. This helps local farmers and keeps money in our community instead of sending profits to corporate owners and suppliers.
    Anyone wanting the same old Applebee’s/Chic-Fil-A/Red Robin/Olive Garden meal can easily find those choices nearby, but in a prime downtown location we should be celebrating what is uniquely Everett.

  21. EverettRes Says:

    Shawn O’Donalds or Red Robins. Also like others have said, reasonably priced so locals will want to visit often.

  22. Dillon Says:

    Cheesecake Factory! My friends and I would patronize regularly.

  23. Rodman Says:

    Normally my vote would go for local. But, since it’s in a hotel, I think it would make more sense for it to have a very broad appeal. Something corporate would probably be preferable, as well. Not necessarily a huge national chain, but something with enough proven stability to withstand the volatility that restaurants are subject to.

  24. SSpiffy Says:

    Gordon Ramsey Steak

  25. Christopher Says:

    My in-laws would be thrilled beyond belief if The Keg moved in.

  26. Mary Says:

    How about a Cheesecake Factory or Maggiano’s, both always busy and great. It would save us Snohomish County people a commute to Bellevue.

  27. Laura Reed Says:

    Hmm… Tough one. I suppose I’d like to see a laid-back organic lunch cafe with reasonable prices.

    I’m thinking old world French flair, with spice. But priced so that us locals can enjoy it on a regular basis.

  28. Carl Says:

    Cheesecake Factory!

  29. Roxanne Says:

    While I’d love to see something take up the entire space I really would like to see a frozen yogurt shop or fun ice cream type shop for downtown in a portion of the building. We hate having to go outside of the downtown core for these types of treats.

  30. Jasmine Says:

    Id love to see a more health conscious restaurant. I lean towards local.

  31. Emilie Says:

    You should put a jamba juice and a panera bread in the Marriott downtown

    • Scot Doll Says:

      I think a men’s mission soup kitchen is more fitting given the number of transients wandering downtown. Plus is two doors down from the drug rehab facility. After all the “Wanderers” run this city. PS have you seen Clark Park lately, looks like all the transients left the area of the mission and moved there.