Water Main Break Turns Everett’s Broadway Avenue Into Muddy Mess

Water main break 1

Water was pouring out at a high level for about 20 minutes.

Water main break 2

A look north from 36th.

water main 3

A look south from 36th

water main 4

A look east from 36th

water main 6

A look at the break on 35th.

water break 5

Another view of the water flowing

water break 7

Firefighters and Public Works crews look to locate the shutoff valve.

water main 8

A metal detector is used to locate a second shut off valve.

water break 9

The second shut off valve is turned off.

water main 10

The damage to the sidewalk where the water came up.

water main 11

It made a muddy mess up and down Broadway from 34th to 37th.

water main break 12

Muddy waters ran deep east of Broadway onto McDougall as well.

A water main break on 35th street just west of Broadway turned an Everett, WA neighborhood into a muddy mess Saturday afternoon. The main gave way just before 1:30pm and sent tens of thousands of gallons of water onto Broadway. The water also flowed east across Broadway and onto McDougall between 34th and 37th. Crews from the Everett Fire Department and Everett Public Works used metal detectors to find the water shutoffs. It looked like at least one business, Everett Downtown Storage at 36th and McDougall, suffered some water damage. Other area business owners just have some muddy cleanup work outside their front doors.

Crews from Everett Public Works are now working on the issue but no word yet on when the main may be repaired or the extent of damage. Here are some photos of the scene. Click to enlarge. Copyright MyEverettNews.com.

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