Woman Hit Mid-Block On Broadway in North Everett

June 19, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Broadway crash 1

The Subaru was southbound on Broadway.

Broadway crash 2

A traffic investigator looks over the car.

Broadway Crash 3

You can see the pedestrian’s shoes and where the Subaru stopped.

Everett Police Traffic Investigators were called out to the 2400 block of Broadway shortly before 1:00AM Friday morning after a woman was hit by a car. She was taken by medics to Providence Regional Medical Center with serious injuries. At the time these photos were taken the investigation was just getting underway but it appears the woman was in the roadway, nowhere near a crosswalk, when she was hit by a Subaru headed south on Broadway. The driver of the Subaru is cooperating with investigators. We’ll provide more details as they become available.


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18 Responses to “Woman Hit Mid-Block On Broadway in North Everett”

  1. Riveaira Says:

    According to WA State Driver License booklet wherever two streets intersect there are crosswalks whether seen or unseen. Pedestrians have the right of way.

  2. Eleanore Says:

    verbNorth American
    gerund or present participle: jaywalking

    cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic.

  3. JWhite Says:

    Barb, can you please contact me. My girlfriend and i witnessed the accident and have not heard any follow up.


  4. snococlam Says:

    Also, it looks like this does not apply here, but please remember that pedestrians can cross at intersections that are not marked crosswalks. If a pedestrian crosses Broadway at 24th (between the traffic signals at 23rd & 25th), that’s not jaywalking.

    • Eleanore Says:

      Wrong that is Jay walking!! You can’t just waltz across the road anywhere you want to that is why they have crosswalks

  5. snococlam Says:

    I think a big part of Barb’s point was that we do not know all of the facts, so we should resist the knee-jerk reaction of calling people hurtful names, especially when it might be callous toward those the deceased has left behind.
    As Barb alludes, there is even the possibility a medical condition or medication played a role.
    People make poor decisions all of the time, sometimes through no fault of their own. We have all made bad choices and should take a minute to remember that (unless you happen to be both non-Christian and an egomaniac… then perhaps you truly believe your every action is perfect); sometimes we are lucky and come out unscathed and sometimes there are consequences.
    This woman paid the ultimate price, and her family has my sympathy and compassion, not my anger or petty annoyance.

  6. Robert Says:

    Who cares if she has children… there are plenty of idiots who have children. The bottom line is that jaywalking is dangerous and if you’re going to be an idiot and risk your life, then expect the worst.

  7. Eleanore Says:

    My comment was not meant to be hurtful or negative. I merely pointed out how close she was to a cross walk. As well I am tired of all the jaywalkers on broadway, sue me.

  8. Barb Says:

    It’s my understanding, as a family member, that she was earlier released that night from providence. She may or may not have been impaired. there are additional circumstances here. Please. She has children. And even if she didn’t, the hurtful comments just adds more pain.

  9. EverettRes Says:

    I’m tired of those not taking responsibility for their safety or worst act recklessly. A car is going to win every time.

    BTW please try not to jump on someone for their opinion and start questioning their life. Geez!

  10. Robert Says:

    I’ve seen some of the stupidest jay walkers around here. On Wednesday I literally had to slam on my breaks on the Evergreen stretch between Evt. Mall Way and 112th because some woman in a motorized wheelchair decides to just abruptly cross the road nowhere near a sidewalk. It was shortly after 3 so there was plenty of drivers there to honk angrily at her as they had to slam there brakes. Everett sure does breed a certain type of classy individual.

  11. Logic Says:

    Excuse me, didn’t see that last comment. Walk down a lane and you’re risking your life even more.

    • JWhite Says:

      I also witnessed it. She was in the center of the left southbound lane. Almost seemed like she wanted to get hit since she was walking with traffic in the middle of the lane. It was a very bad accident and it was very hard for any witnesses to see. I personally dont think she was trying to cross, she was just walking down the street.

  12. Logic Says:

    Jade, if you knew that area at all you would know there’s a light at 23rd St. and ANOTHER at 25th. So she was a block north and south of crosswalks. Did she deserve to be hit for that reason? Absolutely not, but you walk across a very busy road, you risk your life, its that simple.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I was there, I watched it happen, she was walking down the middle of the lane, not across. She was supposedly on drugs. It was a terrible accident, really hard to see.

  14. Jade Says:

    And how do you know she was a block away from the crosswalk? We’re you there?

  15. Jade Says:

    Eleanore do you ever have anything nice to say?! Everything you post is negative! I guess you think you are all high and mighty over everyone else. Have you ever made a stupid decision?? Maybe there was a reason why she didn’t use the crosswalk! People make mistakes, it’s life!

  16. Eleanore Says:

    One block away from a cross walk. Sick of these people that just waltz across broadway like cars aren’t even there.