PUD Confirms Squirrel Caused Saturday’s Power Outage In Everett

June 15, 2015


squirrel power

So far nearly 3 dozen squirrel-related power outages in 2015.

It actually happens a lot more than you might think. A squirrel or other small critter gets into a PUD substation, stands on a transformer and then comes in contact with a line and out goes the power. That’s what happened at a south Everett substation Saturday morning that left about 5000 folks in the dark. The same thing happened almost exactly two years ago in Everett’s Pinehurst neighborhood.

According to Neil Neroutsos with Snohomish PUD so far in 2015 there have been about 35 squirrel related outages in their service area. “We can even get as many as a couple a week – so as many as 100 in a year wouldn’t be stretching it,” said Neroutsos. The PUD is taking steps to keep squirrels and other critters out of substations. They include making sure there is very little vegetation around the substations and using squirrel guards to keep the little guys out. Birds are also a big problem for the PUD which has an avian protection program that includes bushing covers and line diverters to keep birds off transmission lines. So next time your power goes out and there’s no wind storm or nearby car-pole accident…It may have been a squirrel.


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