Serious Car-Pedestrian Accident Slowing Traffic In South Everett

June 8, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Car-Ped 1

The 3 southbound lanes of Evergreen were closed while police investigated and traffic got by in the center turn lane.

Car=Ped 2

There is no crosswalk where the accident occurred.

Car-Ped 3

An officer protects the scene where medics worked on the pedestrian before transporting to Providence Regional Medical Center in Everett.

Southbound traffic on Evergreen Way was down to one lane just south of Everett Mall Way after a serious injury car-pedestrian accident Monday afternoon. The accident happened shortly before 5:00pm as a pedestrian was trying to cross Evergreen Way in the 10700 block in front of the Casablanca apartments. The person was not in a crosswalk and there are six lanes and a center left turn lane in that stretch of Evergreen Way. The driver stayed on the scene and was cooperating with Everett Police while the pedestrian was taken to Providence Regional Medical Center with very serious injuries. The Everett Police Traffic Investigations Unit is looking into the crash and we’ll update when we have more details. Here are some photos from the scene.


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5 Responses to “Serious Car-Pedestrian Accident Slowing Traffic In South Everett”

  1. Eleanore Says:

    Those are busy roads….I see people jaywalking crossing broadway all the time they look at you while you’re driving as if to say “Stop I’m crossing the road now” while they just run out in the middle of traffic! cops can’t be everywhere I suppose

  2. Robert Says:

    I hate how people constantly try to run across Evergreen and Everett Mall Way. Can’t count how many times I see it happen… it’s as if they assume everyone driving on the road is a good undistracted driver that will notice them. Unfortunately we have a ton of horrible drivers and dumb pedestrians so I’m surprised that this doesn’t happen more often.

  3. Jacob Says:

    I watched this happen as I was driving by and called the police. I believe it was a teenager. I saw papers flying and what I thought was a life sized doll and maybe a backpack. Not a good day.

    The person was not more than a couple of blocks from the Everett Mall Way crosswalk. It’s really sad an an image I’ll have for a while. He was in a large shadow of a tree and was dressed in darker clothing.

    As I continued home after the fire truck showed up there was a guy standing in the turn lane about half a block from a cross walk on Everett Mall Way.

    The jay walking and the red light running is getting to be out of control.

  4. Craig Garrett Says:

    I see people darting across Evergreen every day and night. I’ve almost hit someone when it was raining last September.
    It’s scary.

    I know that some of these blocks can be long between crosswalks.
    Maybe there needs to be more crosswalks or some elevated bridges for pedestrians.
    People are running across the street to catch a bus or go home.
    But, I would never risk my life running four lanes of traffic.

  5. Ryzhik Says:

    I see people crossing on foot, bike, or skateboard in the stupidest ways and places along Evergreen. Frankly, I’m surprised this doesn’t happen more.