Everett Police Officer Takes A Timeout For Kids

May 17, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

cop with kids 1

cop with kids 2

cop with kids 3 Recently, when MyEverettNews.com has written about Everett Police it’s been about where the next traffic enforcement zone will be or how there’s a shortage of officers. Many of our pictures have been of officers responding to a shooting or stabbing in the city or an accident. We consider all of that important to show and by the response to those stories it seems our readers agree.

However we never want to overlook those moments we see when officers have a chance to positively interact with people in Everett. On Saturday evening we caught this interaction between an Everett Police officer and a couple of kids who were out with their mom and happened past Everett Police directing traffic during a fire call in the 1700 block of Hoyt. This officer took time out to get a couple of “high fives”, introduce himself to the kids and answer their questions.

While MyEverettNews.com covers breaking news, (most of which can be negative) we promise to also keep an eye out for the positive stuff we see as we cover Everett.

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6 Responses to “Everett Police Officer Takes A Timeout For Kids”

  1. Tyler Rourke Says:

    This same officer (I can’t remember his name) responded to a call that I made recently and came to my house for a written statement. He was really friendly and polite, and had a great interaction with my 2 year old son. He let him check out his flashlight while I wrote the statement and represented the Everett PD in a professional but also very friendly way.

  2. JA Says:

    Good to see the human side of police.

  3. eddie b Says:

    Finally good to see the Everett police having a heart for our children. Great jOb to this officer showing that there are still a few men of God left.

  4. Eleanore Says:

    High Five!

  5. Riveaira Says:

    Love these pictures!

  6. JC Says:

    Thanks Leland