Another T-Bone Crash On Oakes Street in Everett

Oakes crash 1

A firefighter works on removing the windshield while another firefighter works on the patient in the van.

Oakes 2

Firefighters begin removing the roof with the “Jaws of Life’

Oakes 3

A closer look

Oakes 4

You can see a firefighter under the yellow blanket protecting the victim.

Oakes 5

A firefighter uses a special rotary saw to cut through the roof

A look from the front of the van as a firefighter protects the victim as crews continue to cut the roof.

A look from the front of the van as a firefighter protects the victim as crews continue to cut the roof.

Oakes 7

The roof is off the van.

Oakes 8

The victim is placed on a backboard and removed from the van.

Oakes 9

The victim is put on a stretcher and taken to Providence Regional Medical Center.

Oakes 10

Another look at the van.

Oakes 12

One angle of the crash at 25th and Oakes.

Oakes 14

A different angle of the crash.

Everett Firefighters had to use the “Jaws of Life” to take the roof off a mini-van that rolled after a t-bone crash at the intersection of Oakes and 25th street early Thursday afternoon. The driver of the van was taken to Providence Regional Medical with non-life threatening injuries. In recent memory there have been at least three T-Bone accidents on Oakes avenue between Everett Avenue and 22nd street since the start of the year. Just two weeks ago and about a block away there was a very serious crash at 24th and Rockefeller. The investigation into the cause of this crash is just getting underway by Everett Police. Here are some pictures of the fire department cutting the victim out of the van. Click to enlarge. Copyright Please do not reproduce without written permission.

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