A Look As Everett Fire Engine 5 Crew Puts Out Car Fire At 61st and McDougall in Everett

April 30, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire

Car fire 1

1st step is to determine what is on fire.

Car fire 2

In this case it’s an older Honda

Car fire 3

The hose is charged with water from the engine.

Car fire 4

The initial attack is from a distance.

Car fire 5

With full protective gear and SCBA on firefighters approach the car.

Car fire 6

Firefighters work on gaining access to the engine compartment.

Car fire 7

The engine and interior are doused with water.

Car fire 8

Access is made to the trunk to check for extension.

car fire 9

The final hot spots are put out.

Thankfully no injuries, but a woman’s car was totaled after it caught fire Thursday morning. Each firefighting effort is different but here are some photos of the process this time around as the crew from Everett Fire Department Engine 5 put out this car fire at 61st and McDougall in central Everett. Click photo to enlarge.

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