On April Fools Day Not All Everett Crime Required A High Level Of Investigation

April 8, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

EPD patch

An April Fool’s turn on a crook by Everett Police

Every once in a while we like to visit the Police Blotter section of the Everett Police Department Facebook Page to see how the fight against crime is progressing. Here’s a tidbit that seemed to fit right in on April Fool’s Day…

POLICE BLOTTER – April 1, 2015
Drug violation, court order violation and outstanding warrant in the 1200 block of Pacific Ave

Officers are dispatched to the complaint of drug sales at an apartment where the potential suspects, a male and female, are identified. The police database indicates there is a court order prohibiting the male from being near the female and he has an outstanding warrant. The original complainant gives the female’s phone number to an officer. When the officer calls, a male answers and gives his name. He is the male in question and says he is with the female. When the officer asks to buy drugs, the male asks what kind and how much. The officer indicates methamphetamine, says he is on a budget of $30 and will walk to the apartment. The male agrees. While standing outside the apartment, the officer calls back and is told the sale should not happen inside but nearby. As the call ends, the door opens and the female steps out. She is met by officers and admits the male is inside. Officers contact the male as he hides in the bathroom with illegal drugs. He is arrested and booked into county jail for drug possession, violating a court order and the outstanding warrant.


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