Everett Police To Reveal Specific “Enforcement Locations” in Advance

Everett Police patch

Everett PD reminds you it’s not a speed trap but an “enforcement location”. You’ll be able to find it on their Facebook page. Click to view.

They’re most often referred to by the public as speed traps but Everett Police call them “specific emphasis locations”. Beginning next week the department will be telling the public in advance where they will be looking for speeders, cell phone users, unbuckled drivers and other traffic scofflaws. Here’s a press release from Aaron Snell regarding the program…

The Everett Police will continue enforcing traffic laws but plans to tell the public where enforcement locations will be.

Starting the week of April 6th, the Everett Police Department will announce specific emphasis locations, on a weekly basis through Twitter, Facebook, the Department webpage and partnering media outlets to let the public know where the Traffic Safety Unit will conduct patrols.

“We have a duty to keep citizens safe and prefer not to surprise them and write tickets.” says Lieutenant Robert Goetz. “By advertising emphasis locations, citizens can modify driving behaviors to decrease collisions and increase public safety.”

The Traffic Safety Unit conducts emphasis patrols each week based on high collision and complaint data.  Patrols are designed to increase safety and change driving habits in those areas.

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