Everett Police To Embed Social Worker Within The Department

March 30, 2015

Everett, Everett Government

Streets meeting

Deborah Wright from Everett’s Office of Neighborhoods and Police Chief Dan Templeman at today’s meeting.

In order to foster a vibrant and healthy community, the task force will seek to better understand the street-level social issues in Everett’s commercial-core areas and identify potential short- and long-term actions for the community to address those issues.

That’s the mission statement of the task force formed by Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson last year to help get a handle on problems on the streets of Everett. In November that group made public its final report. This afternoon the commission spent some time explaining what has happened since November and how it plans to make sure that the report’s recommendations become implemented. One of the recommendations now moving forward is to embed a social worker within the Everett Police Department. “Arresting is not the only answer,” said Everett Police Chief Dan Templeman. “It’s time to look at a new approach.” Funding partners have been located for the position which will bring the social worker directly into one of the police precincts. Over the last several months Templeman says Everett Police have been partnering with Catholic Community Services to provide more immediate assistance to people living on the street. Social workers also have recently been riding along with Everett police during routine patrol.

Other progress reported at today’s meeting includes doubling the number of sessions for the Community Justice Alternative mental health court and having social service groups partner on a monthly outreach to various encampments around the city with the ability to immediately offer services and support to those they encounter.
The group is also trying to secure funding to turn the Carnegie building in downtown Everett into a place to house those having issues after being jailed for minor crimes and locating services right next to the jail for those newly released.

There is also a search on for a location outside of downtown Everett where more permanent housing could be made free of charge for those who are experiencing homelessness. More long-term housing would help provide some stability and enough time in one place for participants to work on their needs.

Public comment was not taken at today’s meeting but you can comment online here on both the recommendations of the task force, their next steps action plan and future efforts.

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