Speed Likely Factor in Fatal 41st Street Overpass Crash Sunday Morning

March 29, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Crash a

Everett Police investigating the crash.

Everett Police traffic detectives still have a lot of work left as they investigate a one car-one occupant fatal accident on the 41st street overpass over I-5 Sunday morning. Early indications are a Camaro came off the Southbound I-5 off ramp at 41st, struck a pole and median, then continued south across the traffic lanes, slamming into a crosswalk pole. The driver of the vehicle died at the scene. Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell says the driver was a male and they believe speed was a factor. The crash happened at 9:40am. No further details are available at this point as the investigation is just getting underway. Will update when we have more info. Here are some MyEverettNews.com photos from the scene.
Crash a

The car came off the sb I-5 off-ramp

Crash b

An investigator marks the path of the car after it hit the first sign.

crash c

The car then went across 41st and hit a cross walk sign pole.

crash d

The car was almost split in half by the pole.

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25 Responses to “Speed Likely Factor in Fatal 41st Street Overpass Crash Sunday Morning”

  1. Britt Says:


  2. Someone I use to know Says:

    I was friends with this guy for years I know the mother of his 3 kids here her name is crystal and the day he passed she called the drug dealer and asked if he was still coming after coldly telling him he had died he said it didn’t sound like she even cared the only thing she cared about was the fact that she hoped he would still show even if Jimmy was not going to be there…so I can see why she never went to claim his body more worrying about the next fix then laying the father of her baby’s to rest some people are so sick.

  3. sadlife Says:

    Sad I learned this man everyone of you claiming to love had 3 children in CA and 3 in WA but his body went unclaimed after his death.

  4. irick tredway Says:

    I don’t care what these people say jimmy. I’ve known you for years and you were honestly one of the kindest, most generous and loving individuals I have ever known. I LOVE YOU MY BROTHER!!!!

  5. The 1 & Only 1 Says:

    After reading the article above about my friend Jimmy in the crash he was in I’m saddened and now upset mostly because of the thoughtless cold n rediculas comments ( or lies ) from his friends n maybe even family. you think that a person would know better than to speculate and assume or just flat out say stuff without even knowing if its right. I guess you feel as though you’re safe n can talk all the smack you want because no one’s going to know who you are, that’s really weak! I bet u did really know a guy! But there was more then one of those cameros made! regardless of what this guy was what he did where he worked where he was coming from he is not here now. Its still a death of a human being in the community. Don’t judge him from the things u hear because 99.9% of it is lies n exaggerations of other lies. U should know better but if not let me school u, I’d say this even if I was a stranger it just goes to show how stupid and careless u people could be maybe you should look at this as a learning experience and appreciate the fact that it wasn’t you or your family or brown guy because it could have been. Im going to say it again

    R.I.P. Bro

  6. bigmatt Says:

    R.I.P bro I will always remember the love you showed me and my wife. In honor of the lessons of your kindness to people in need I pray that I can have a impact on another person’s life like the one you were in my life Thank you and much love bro

  7. bigmatt Says:

    This man when my wife and I lost our job and house opened his door to us no questions asked like the story of the good Samaritan. He was a man who loved others the way the judgmental people that think they know him, need to learn from. He was a good man FYI.

  8. bigmatt Says:

    This man when my wife and I lost our job and house opened his door to us no questions asked like the story of the good Samaritan. He was a man who loved others the way the judgmental people that think they know him, need to learn from. He was a good man FYI

  9. Kathleen Says:

    Gary I left a card for the family at the everett police department by the everett mall. Once again I’m so sorry for your family’s loss. I did all I could for him. I have to live with wondering if there was anything else I could’ve done for him….

  10. evt girl Says:

    Actually he had just left the hospital because of an absyss… he was no saint but this is still a horrible accident.

  11. Queen of crack Says:

    fell asleep or nodded off, hard to tell.

  12. gary Says:

    Fuck you jo that was my brother and he was a kind hard working man suporting his family he fell asleep after a double shift so i can only hope you die the same way you worthless pile of shit

  13. Kathleen Says:

    I want you to know Marta that I was the one that called 911. I stayed with him as he took his last breaths and held is hand. He wasn’t alone. I am a medical professional and unfortunately I knew there was nothing that I could have done to save him that all I could do was hoped he knew he wasn’t alone. He wasn’t moving and wasn’t talking but I did talk to him whether or not he heard me I have no clue. It was a horrific accident he came to close to comfort to hitting my car. But I jumped right into action. I hope it brings you and his family some peace knowing that he didn’t die alone…

  14. April Says:

    Marta my sister was the one who called 911 and stayed with your friend till the paramedics came. =( I am so sorry for your loss.

  15. King of Clutter Says:

    its the truth.

  16. jack of trades Says:

    He was a drug dealer. I recognize the car.

    • Joannie R. Says:

      And……your point would be? That was not really necessary to reveal, IF it’s the truth. And if it is the truth, who cares!!??!

  17. jack of trades Says:

    I know the guy. He was a drug dealer

  18. ElnB Says:

    While what Joe said is unnecessarily hurtful and I’m very sorry for those who loved this man, I can’t say I don’t understand the anger. As someone who has lost a loved one to the poor choices of another driver, it’s all too easy to see how lucky this man was to have not taken an innocent life with him as he went. I’m incredibly grateful, despite the already tragic circumstances, that he didn’t. It doesn’t make those who loved this man hurt any less today, but maybe someday the bittersweet fact that their loved one didn’t rob another family of their joy, too, when he so easily could have, will give them some tiny bit of comfort.

    Regardless of any anger I may feel towards those who make the choice to drive in such a fashion as to potentially harm others, the family of those drivers didn’t make that choice. I’m sorry for this family, too, that they will suffer comments from those like Joe who can’t see far enough past their own anger to realize that punishing the family by saying cruel things isn’t the right choice, either. I also hope that this family is able to see that those who would say cruel things are coming from a place of fear and anger at the choices made, not just pouring salt in fresh wounds for sport.

  19. Eleanore Says:

    Marta sorry for the loss of your friend, some people can just be so unkind sorry you had to read that nasty comment

  20. Joe Says:

    One less stupid driver on the road! Yay!

    • Marta Szczutowski Says:

      That “stupid driver” was our friend. He was a human being with a family, a brand new baby, and tons of friends. He was generous and kind.
      Your cold and comment just put salt in a very fresh wound.
      We love you Jimmy,
      Andy and Marta

  21. Eleanore Says:

    Btw you always outscoop the Herald on local stories. I can count on this website for local happenings.

  22. Eleanore Says:

    Sure are a lot of car crashes lately around the city etc…people need to just slow the heck down!