15-Year-Old Arrested in Casino Road Shooting, 2nd 15-Year-Old Sought

March 28, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

Editor’s Update April, 3rd 2:51pm: Everett Police today said the second 15-year-old sought as the suspected shooter has been arrested in Portland, Oregon by U.S. Marshalls and is expected to be returned to Everett soon.

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The crime scene wrapped around the small shopping center at 5th and Casino.

Everett Police this afternoon released information on the arrest of a 15-year-old as a participant in a shooting on 5th and Casino Road back on March 16th. Here’s the update from Aaron Snell at Everett Police…

Detectives arrest a juvenile in connection with a recent shooting.

Since the March 16, 2015 shooting, Major Crimes Unit detectives have investigated a shooting in the 500 block of W. Casino Rd where a 22 year-old victim was shot in both legs.

On the night of the shooting, officers located and impounded a silver Dodge Magnum. Detectives were able to determine who had used the car that night.

A second vehicle also left the scene of the shooting. It was located and the occupants stated the shooter and getaway driver were in the Magnum and called them with instructions not to go home, talk with police or answer their phones.

Probable cause was developed to arrest a 15 year-old Everett male for rendering criminal assistance by driving the shooter to and from the location of the crime. He was located, arrested and booked into Denny Juvenile Justice Center on March 26, 2015,

Detectives have developed probable cause to arrest another 15 year-old Everett male believed to be the shooter. Due to the sensitive nature of an ongoing case, he will not be identified.

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3 Responses to “15-Year-Old Arrested in Casino Road Shooting, 2nd 15-Year-Old Sought”

  1. Star Says:

    Wow! That’s crazy.

  2. some one Says:

    Are these kids related to the Sureno vs. FSU tagging that is seen on 4th between 128th and Casino rd? Within days of seeing FSU tags and crossed out Sureno tags is when these shootings started taking place.

    • myeverettnews Says:

      I’m not sure. Currently working on a few stories about gangs in Everett. I’ve also noticed the signs as I often take 4th from 128th north to Everett. The gangs here seem to be a little more murky with memberships that interchange. LD