Dick’s Towing Helping Train Heavy Technical Rescue Crews in Everett

March 19, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire

Dick's Towing 1

Todd Peterson (in white) answers questions from 1st responders.

Dick's Towing B

Dick’s Towing has been helping with heavy technical rescue training in Everett

Dick's Towing 3

Dick Peterson, center shaking hands. His daughter Skyler on left, son Todd on right.

Dick's Towing 4

How to get a dump truck off of a car. 1st, secure the dump truck

Dick's 5

Place bags under truck

Dick's 6

Deflate bags and lower truck gently

Dick's 7

Huge airbags can also be placed under vehicles and inflated to right them in spots where access is tight.

Dick's 8

Dick’s has a huge fleet in Everett with everything from standard tow trucks to a unique accident response trailer filled with specialized equipment.

Over the last couple of days, Dick Peterson and members of his family owned towing business have been helping train 1st responders from 9 Snohomish County Fire Departments in heavy technical rescue at the Everett Fire Department drill field. The training helps firefighters and paramedics understand the capabilities of some of the heavy equipment Dick’s Towing has available for response to crashes involving big rigs and heavy machinery.

MyEverettNews.com took a minute to talk with Dick and Todd Peterson about the growth of their business. “I started 40 years ago with one truck,” said Dick. “Now we have a whole fleet including 8 heavy rigs.” Dick’s Towing is also very much a family business with his two sons, Todd and Troy working full time and his daughter Skyler transitioning into part-time work as she pursues a career in the fire service. “We’re not your average tow company,” said Todd. “Our equipment is unlike any other, we train all across the country and we’re there to do a professional job just the like fire and police personnel you would see at a crash scene.”

Both say its a full time job just to keep up that professional image, making sure the trucks are clean and maintained, employees in company uniforms and receiving ongoing training. While he started on the road with one truck, Dick says he spends most of his time now behind the scenes managing while Troy and Todd run the operations on the road. The company has about 40 employees and while based in Everett, because of the capabilities of their equipment, travel all over the State to assist with recoveries of large equipment. They’re also hands on with 23 phone lines coming into their dispatch office answered by their own employees and not an outside service. Dick’s handles towing contracts with the cities of Everett and Marysville along with Snohomish County and also is the AAA Towing agency in the greater Everett area.

The Peterson family takes pride in their family owned business. 40 plus years in Everett and going strong. You can find out more about them on their website.


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