Everett May Relax Marijuana Regulations

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A public workshop on loosening Everett’s recreational marijuana rules will be held Tuesday night.

It looks like the City of Everett may relax some of its interim regulations when it comes to recreational marijuana. On Tuesday evening the Everett Planning Commission is holding a public workshop where it will get a look at proposed amendments to the current regulations. This is not a public hearing but items to be reviewed include the following…

  • Eliminate the A-1 (agricultural) zone as an area where marijuana production or processing could take place. Most of the zone is located in a flood plain and the rules for buildings used for marijuana growing or production are not really compatible with floodplain management.
  • Allow larger-scale production-processing businesses including Tier 2 and Tier 3. Currently only the smallest type (Tier 1) facilities are allowed. The reasoning behind that was to give the city time to research the impacts from the larger facilities and determine if traffic, odor or other operating conditions would be cause for concern.
  • Reduce the 1000 foot buffer from residential zones for production and processing businesses. The 1000′ rule was based on odor concerns that have not proven to be an issue for marijuana processors in other areas of Snohomish County. Any processor locating within 200 feet of a residential zone would have to undergo a public notice and review process.
  • Adds the C-2ES (Everett Station) zone to the list of zones where retail use would be allowed. One of the five licenses issued by the State for retail marijuana in Everett was issued to Brian Bodge who has been trying to open his retail marijuana store next to I-5 near Pacific. After he received his State license he found out the area he was in is limited by a subsection of the city’s zoning code. The city is considering allowing him to open there.
  • Retail marijuana stores in Everett would have to meet the city’s design standards for front building facades. Even if the store is located in an area where those standards are not currently required.

Again while this is a workshop, it is not a public hearing. That would take place after planning commissioners decide on a final set of proposed amendments. After that public hearing, the matter would go before the Everett City Council. There will then likely be more discussion, additional public comments and a vote on changing the current interim regulations as well as making them permanent. Members of both the planning commission and Everett City Council have taken tours of retail marijuana stores in Everett as well as larger marijuana processing facilities located in Snohomish County. You can see the full briefing materials for the planning commission here.

This workshop is open to the public and will be held Tuesday night, March 17th in the Everett City Council chambers at 3002 Wetmore in downtown Everett. The meeting starts at 6:30pm and will also be televised on EverettTV.

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