Copper Thieves Stealing From Rooftops of Everett Businesses Near Silver Lake

nighttime burglar

Thousands of dollars are being stolen off Everett business owner’s rooftops.

Recently thieves have been targeting businesses in the Silver Lake area of south Everett. They’re not going inside the business, but rather stealing right off the rooftop. Aaron Snell with Everett Police tells that there’s a significant about of money involved in loss and damage to the business owners…

Within the past two weeks, three A/C units were stolen from businesses in the 10800 block of 19th Ave SE which have an estimated value of $18,000. Earlier this month, nearby businesses reported that the copper radiators from four A/C units had been stolen with losses estimated at $24,000. At this time, the thefts appear center around 19th Ave SE in the Silver Lake area. Everett Police ask anyone with information to call the Everett Police Department TIP LINE at (425) 257-8450.

From the Everett Police Facebook page, here are some important crime prevention tips from Everett Police on how to make your business less attractive to crooks…

Crime Prevention Awareness for Commercial Businesses

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design – CPTED

The following suggestions are made to reduce the likelihood of criminal activity. While no guarantee can be stated or implied, CPTED concepts have proven themselves. The Everett Police Department’s Crime Prevention Program provides the following proposal as a public service with the understanding that crime cannot be predicted or completely prevented. Following proposal suggestions should reduce crime by making a good faith effort to evaluate the built environment.

Please consider the following recommendations which have proven effective in deterring crime:

– Recommend to immediately encase with wrought iron fencing (chain link fencing can and will be cut) any type of exterior air conditioning or heating unit. Also, consider installing controls that prohibit unauthorized access to these units.

CPTED landscaping standards maintain line of sight for crime deterrence, safety and security by removing environmental camouflage, clutter, darkness, hiding spots, shadows and sight obstructions. Criminals use overgrown landscaping and trees to hide unauthorized access onto and into businesses.
– Recommend all trees to be limbed and maintained at seven (7) feet above the ground
– Recommend all shrubs/bushes be trimmed and maintained so they are no taller than three (3) feet
– Recommend that no limb or bush interferes with light fixtures which allows for complete illumination of the property

The lack of exterior lighting attracts criminals for possible activity such as burglary, defecation/urination, drugs, graffiti, loitering, prostitution, theft, trespass and vandalism. Dark areas draw unauthorized people in – especially when the areas are segregated from public view or are in isolated locations such as the rear of buildings.
– Recommend that lighting eliminate any dark exterior areas with Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting. This lighting is cost effective for the extended use of the bulb and it should be on from dusk to dawn.

Video surveillance can assist law enforcement in identifying criminals who commit crimes on your property. The evidence can be used for prosecution purposes.
– Recommend the installation of exterior surveillance systems that monitor common areas. The system should be of professionally quality and installed by a trained technician. Video surveillance should use cameras that can pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) at 360 degrees, have color and night vision functions and provide a quality image.

For additional information, contact the Crime Prevention Unit by Email at: Everett Police Crime Prevention
( or call 425-257-7497.

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