What Not To Do When You Have A Stolen Car In Everett

March 7, 2015

Everett, Police Blotter

stolen car

You can see the overspray on the windows and half the roof

A man is in custody for possessing a stolen car along with a few other charges after his encounter with Everett Police this morning. It was a wild foot chase for a time back and forth across Casino road in south Everett. While you can give the man points for doing everything he could think of to get away, here’s a list of things he probably should not have done.

  • Do Not – Pull your stolen car into a convenience store parking lot on Casino road and begin spray painting it to change its appearance.
  • Do Not – Act surprised when an officer shows up after the store clerk calls 9-1-1.
  • Do Not – Have license plates that belong to a different car on the stolen car you are spray-painting.
  • Do Not – Run from the officer as he is talking to you.
  • Do Not – Run out of both of your shoes while trying to get away.
  • Do Not – Pull away from the officer as you are being detained, he will spray your face with pepper spray.
  • Do Not – Continue to run as the officer will shoot at you with a taser.
  • Do Not – Take your jacket off and leave your wallet, cell phone and taser prongs in it.
  • Do Not – Break into a storage shed to hide from the police.
  • Do Not – Rapidly dash out of the storage shed when you hear the police dog barking outside.
  • Do not – Run again when there is a police dog and a half-dozen cops all around you.

Everett Police booked the man into the Snohomish County jail and were able to turn the car back over the its rightful owner.


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