Sunday Scare at Eastmont Buzz Inn

February 8, 2015

Everett, Everett Fire, Police Blotter

Buzz Inn.

Police and Firefighters confer at the Eastmont Buzz Inn.


Not too much damage to the car.


Not too much damage to the wall.

Some thought the kitchen oven had blow up, others thought a car had gone all the way into the building. In the end things turned out a little less dramatic. It seems an elderly woman had her foot slip and her car hit the east wall of the Buzz Inn at 9504 19th Ave. SE in Everett’s Eastmont neighborhood. On the other side of that wall, the kitchen. Some things came down off the shelf and got knocked around and those inside said it sounded like a big boom. Everett police and firefighters were called but found relatively minor damage. They did check out one kitchen employee and the woman driving the car and both are okay. Each with a Sunday afternoon story to tell. The crash happened around 12:00noon and the restaurant was able to re-open after a short time.


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