Begins Our 5th Year

January 31, 2015


To mark the start of our 5th year we've added a sign to get a little more exposure.

To mark the start of our 5th year we’ve added a sign to get a little more exposure.

Publisher’s Note: I began back in January 2011 after a long career in radio news reporting. As someone born and raised in Everett who enjoyed watching and following breaking news I saw what I felt was an opportunity for a website that could be devoted to news of things happening here in Everett, Washington. Something that would give you information on your phone, tablet or computer, whatever was easier for you to access. The last four years have been a labor of love and there have been a few times when I’ve wondered if anyone was reading, following or liking what it is we do here at I’m happy to say that yes, it appears we do have readers both within the city as well as in the surrounding areas who enjoy learning about breaking news and decisions being made by city leaders in Everett.

The flow of how we get and provide the news goes something like this. In the event of breaking news such as police or fire activity we post our initial reports and any early photos on our Twitter page. Then we work on verifying details and giving the initial story with better photos and descriptions as we have them here on our homepage as well as on our Facebook page. Within the story here on our webpage we also try to include hyperlinks to more information. We’ll also come back and add updates to the original story as we get them.

In 2015 I’m trying to add more stories and get more involvement from the Everett community. The focus of our coverage will remain on Everett. The length of our stories will remain relatively short, usually 200 – 400 words to give you a basic idea of what happened. The are lots of places to get coverage of all of Snohomish County and the cities within and there are other outlets much better suited to give you the in-depth details of events. If you have news tips or information to share you are welcome to submit those to us here.

While primarily self-funded, I would like to take a moment to thank some of our sponsors who believe in the power of connecting with the Everett community and who help to stay afloat. Claudia McClain and her staff at McClain Insurance, Attorney Rick Merrill and the Snohomish PUD have all been long term advertisers. I’m also not shy is asking other Everett businesses to consider advertising on It always makes me shake my head when I see ads from Everett health care providers, car dealers, colleges and restaurants pop up in various Google ads or on Billboards touting their new websites and offerings while only sending us press releases and not supporting true locally owned media. Media that by the way that generates more than 1000 page views every day and has reached over 1.5 million people who have an interest in Everett over the last four years.

Okay, off my soapbox. I most want to thank you, our readers, for your support. Thanks for reading our articles and sharing them with people you feel may benefit from them. For giving us news tips on our contact us page or by calling us directly. For donating to the website either online or to the many people who have literally walked up and handed me money while I am out covering a news story. I truly appreciate it. Please feel free to continue to contact me directly and share your thoughts, ideas and suggestions as we move into our fifth year.

Leland Dart, Publisher –


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5 Responses to “ Begins Our 5th Year”

  1. SUSAN Says:

    Thank you for the hard work you do to get the news to us so thoroughly. It was my brother in Normandy Park (Seattle)who actually put me on to you, and I live in Everett. Good job! Keep on keepin’ on! You are wonderful….

  2. Riveaira Says:

    I always come here first for truly local news. I especially appreciate the photographs included with the story.

  3. Kim Says:

    I appreciate all of your hard work. I’ve told many people about your website. It’s great to have local news quickly sent to me on my iPad well before I read about it in the newspaper.

  4. Everett Res Says:

    I enjoying reading My Everett News very much. Will we ever get to learn more about you and your staff?

  5. Eleanore Says:

    Wow, time flies! Congrats on 5 years Lee…this is where I come to for local news I appreciate what you do. Take care