Fluttering Flags in Everett A Growing Problem, No Staff Available To Proactively Enforce Law

January 28, 2015

Everett, Everett Government

flag signs

Flags like these from the Washington Lottery are not allowed under Everett’s sign code.

signssigns, signsRecently complaints about those fluttering flags that advertise everything from the State Lottery to tax services to furniture stores and even blood donation centers have been making their way to the Everett Planning Commission. Complaints range from the flags being visual clutter, to blocking driver’s views as they try to pull into traffic. Recently Allan Giffen, planning director with the City of Everett told commissioners that proactive enforcement of Everett’s sign code isn’t being done as there just isn’t the staff to carry that out. Giffen said that if people make specific complaints, they will look into them but enforcement of the sign code is a low priority for the planning staff due to all of the projects that are on their plate. Enforcement of some of the city code compliance issues has gone over the the police department but Giffen told planning commissioners that squatters, trespassers and other more serious violations of the city’s codes have also kept the police extremely busy. He did say that the signs that are on poles waving in the wind are indeed against city code and that if people wanted to lodge a complaint, they could call the planning commission at 425-257-8731 but that as of now, there just isn’t the staff to carry out pro-active enforcement. You can check out the City of Everett’s sign code here.


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