Special Showing of “7 Minutes” Set For January 31st in Everett

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In 2013 Jay Martin filmed his first feature length movie “7 Minutes” in and around Everett including downtown at locations on Wetmore, at the Totem Drive In and at various places around Snohomish County. Lots of Everett folks were used as extras including Everett Police officers, high school football players and cheerleaders and people needed for background and crowd scenes. On January 31st the Everett Film Festival and the Historic Everett Theatre are teaming up to show the film for one night only. Following the screening will be a question and answer session with folks involved in the local aspects of the filming. Here’s a look at the official trailer.

“SEVEN MINUTES” TRAILER from Final Cut 7 Editor John Maritato on Vimeo.

MyEverettNews.com had a chance to interview director Jay Martin this morning about the film and making a movie in Everett…

MEN: Why did you choose to shoot in Everett?

MARTIN: The producer had done some filming earlier in the area and told me I needed to go up to the Seattle market and look around. We went to all kinds of towns and when I got to Everett I fell in love with the place. It’s an interesting and beautiful city.

MEN: The Hollywood Reporter described Everett as “evocatively desolate” in its review. What would be your description?

MARTIN: I consider Everett perfect, but melancholy. It has a certain undercurrent.

MEN: You started as a cartoonist, how did that lead to being a director?

MARTIN: While I was cartooning, I knew I wanted to direct movies. Tarantino was a big influence and I loved Reservoir Dogs on VHS. I was like I know I can do that. I moved out to Los Angeles and had a friend who knew my cartoons and said that the way I draw I could be a storyboard artist and get my foot in the door that way. I worked on lots of films. Watched and learned and was then invited on set. It was kind of like going to film school for free. Then I got the chance to direct music videos and learn more about directing, putting as much on screen as possible given the budget and that really prepared me for this film. I knew what to expect.

MEN: Did anything surprise you about filming in Everett?

MARTIN: How amazing everyone was. The access. The people who let us into their homes and businesses. The doctor who let us use his house for filming, Alicia and her crew at the Totem, the Police, the permitting and the people who worked at the city and county to help us make the movie. In Los Angeles it’s really industrial and cold. Everett was warm, welcoming, there’s so much scenery and great architecture in one place. The local crews are talented. Keep getting the word out and doing what you’re doing, it’s a great place to film.

MEN: So “7 Minutes” is about an ill-fated robbery, but a lot more than that?

MARTIN: Yes, it’s about the robbery but more, how it came to be. Those 7 minutes, the different decisions made by the people involved leading up to that time. It peels back a layer to see how each character ends up in that same room at the same moment. It’s fun, a thriller and if you like fringe leather jackets…this film is for you.

MEN: What’s harder, making the movie or getting it distributed?

MARTIN: For me making the movie is the hard part. As far as distribution, I just cross my fingers but I have heard a distribution deal has been reached and the movie will be released this spring.

MEN: What’s next?

MARTIN: I’m always writing. One of the things I’m doing is writing a horror outbreak movie. It’s gonna be unlike anything you’ve ever seen. I’m also interested in directing more projects, mine and others, putting my take on someone else’s words.

The one night showing of 7 Minutes is set for Saturday night January 31st at The Historic Everett Theatre on Colby in downtown Everett. As of this writing tickets were still available. Following the movie will be a question and answer session with the local production manager and others involved to shares some behind the scenes secrets of filming in Everett.

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