Do You See Everett, WA as The City of Everett Sees Everett?

September 21, 2014

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If you had to describe Everett to someone what would you say? Recently the City of Everett launched a “design a new logo contest” and here’s how the city described itself. Does your experience match the city’s description?


A view of the welcome to Everett sign at 41st and Broadway.

Get to know us
We are a community with a rich history of entrepreneurs, innovators, risk takers and big thinkers, and those values still drive everything we do today.

For a mid-size city, we’re home to some heavy hitters in the world of global trade and technology. Boeing built its first airplane in Everett in 1967 and is now starting work on the 777X – an airplane that will change the face of aerospace. We have the largest advanced manufacturing hub in the world, and we’re working hard to develop the technology innovators and technicians of the future. We are no stranger to international markets; many of our top 50 companies are foreign-owned.

The Port of Everett and Naval Station Everett anchor our vibrant waterfront. The Port boasts the largest recreational marina on the West Coast and an active deep-water port. The Navy base joined our waterfront in 1994 and its sailors and their families are an important part of our community.

Beyond aerospace and industry, we’ve seen tremendous growth in higher education and health sciences. Providence Regional Medical Center and Everett Clinic are nationally recognized for groundbreaking patient care and health-care solutions. We’re home to three colleges, including Washington State University, one of the nation’s premier research institutions.

And while you probably know about Boeing and some of our other famous residents, we’re also incredibly proud of the arts and music renaissance that’s happening in our downtown and on our waterfront. In the past several years, Everett residents and visitors have had the chance to experience exciting new bands through the Everett Music Initiative, incredible musicals and shows at the Village Theatre and Historic Everett Theatre, and world-class art exhibits and classes at the award-winning Schack Art Center. The XFINITY arena and events center brings a wide range of concerts, traveling shows, conventions and sporting events to our region.

Everett boasts an enviable quality of life, with an extensive park and trail system, natural beauty on all sides and our 19 unique and active neighborhoods. We are family friendly – from the bustling Imagine Children’s Museum to our beloved AquaSox and Silvertips. Every summer is filled with countless ways to enjoy our city – from sandy fun on Jetty Island to the Sorticulture garden arts festival to concerts at the marina to craft beers and food trucks.

Next spring a year-round farmers market will open in the heart of downtown, complete with serveries, a commercial kitchen, and space for local farmers to connect directly with restaurateurs and customers. With exciting new housing and hotels opening all the time, young families and professionals are flocking to our active and walkable city core.

This is an exciting time to be an Everettite.

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13 Responses to “Do You See Everett, WA as The City of Everett Sees Everett?”

  1. Marcus Says:

    I see Everett as a growing, changing and interesting Pacific NW City with issues like any other. It has everything you need (except year round sunshine :-P) but otherwise it is a good place to live.

  2. Julia Says:

    Yes, I see Everett as the City of Everett sees it! And yes, I also see “the bad” that other people mentioned. But I still LOVE (now) my city and I’m trying to be a good resident, because it is us, the people living here, who make the city bad or good… So start with yourself!

    • David Says:

      I agree Julia. It takes an “all hands on deck” approach. There will be some who have no desire to contribute and others that look to destroy (or steal) but we must do our part as individuals to give what we can for a good today and a better tomorrow. Thankfully the good outweighs the bad.

  3. Mark Warren Says:

    I have lived in Everett for 26 years now. First I lived on N. Grand. 25 years ago it was run down and almost slummy. It was not the safest place to be. Lots of fun at times. Over the years it and Hewitt have become much safer. The Hewitt crawl has turned into the Hewitt art walk. It seems to me that Everett is safer. There are less ‘drug’ houses in north Everett now and seems to be less violence. And I say that living across from Clark Park. I love Everett and I have chosen to make my home here. Sure, it has its problems but, most of those are minor AND fixable. The good overwhelms the bad.

    • David Says:

      I agree Mark…and I will add: for those that move here, it is important to do your own research. The viewpoints of others are just that: their own perspective. I usually keep in mind what others say but another person should never do that thinking for you. The police department has stats on crime. My neighborhood (central Everett – between 41st and 526/Boeing Freeway) is fairly quiet and safe and I don’t see many officers here unless they are patrolling their assigned neighborhood (the sirens are in the distance since Colby is a major road – same with Evergreen and Broadway). Train and freeway noise are in the distance, so it’s not a bad area.

  4. Jaymee Says:

    I moved to Everett in 05, when I moved here they were cleaning up the area that I live in and I had no issues. Present day, It is going back to the bad. Lots of drugs, tweekers etc. You can’t drive down Broadway at all without being harassed by them or just not seeing at least 5. As someone else said, Yes, every city has their issues, it just seems like ours has gotten worse.

  5. Susan Says:

    Well said David…

  6. David Says:

    I’ve lived in this city for 20 years. Like any city out there, you will encounter good and bad areas. Everett is no different. I live in a good area and try to avoid the bad as much as possible. Regardless of where you live, it’s important to learn about the city and the surrounding communities. That way you will have better odds of a better quality of life. Few cities out there can say that they haven’t gone downhill to at least some degree – some are just more affected than others (Detroit comes to mind).

  7. Suzanne Says:

    The Everett you have described sounds very nice; however, this is not the Everett I have experienced. The Everett that I experienced while living there is a place that had drug addicts riding up and down my street at all hours of the day and night, a drug house on my corner that housed 20-30 people, drug addicts breaking into my car and stealing my GPS, drug addicts breaking into my house and stealing my possessions, drug addicts going to jail for a day or two only to be released to continue with their crimes, and homeless people on every corner begging for handouts. Forest Park is very nice but I agree that there are not enough parks. It is unfortunate that the City of Everett is about 4 years too late (or more) in recognizing that a serious drug and homeless problem exists.

  8. Susan Says:

    Wonderful except mountains and water views need mentioning. And not
    so happy about the ” the 50 foreign owned company’s”.

  9. Paul Says:

    They forgot the part about north everett being dirtbag central and the wonderful crime filled casino rd and 4th ave.

  10. Jennifer Says:

    I’d have to disagree about an extensive park system because there are no parks within reasonable walking distance to my home. When I take the kids to the park we have to drive to get there.