Two Different Owners Help Everett Police Recover Own Stolen Vehicles Complete With Suspects

June 28, 2014

Police Blotter

Theft victims

A Lynnwood couple watches as police remove items from their stolen truck.

stolen truck

The stolen truck in the Value Village parking lot

Theft suspect

Suspect in truck theft being searched by police.

Two different times on Saturday, owners of vehicles that had been reported stolen spotted their vehicles and the thieves suspected of taking them and helped Everett Police recover both. In the first case late Saturday morning, the owners of a stolen Mazda reported seeing their car driving in south Everett. They began following the vehicle and calling 9-1-1 with the location of their stolen car. Police advised them to stop following the vehicle and sent several officers into the area where it was last seen. Officers quickly located the vehicle and based on the description given by the owners, were able to capture a man suspected of taking it a few blocks away from where the vehicle had been left.

In the second case, Around 2:00pm Saturday afternoon a Lynnwood couple who’d had their pickup truck stolen were driving down Evergreen Way when they believed they spotted it at the Value Village parking lot. They pulled in to get a better look and as they did, they saw a suspect get out of the truck and go into the store. They called 9-1-1 to report spotting both the truck and suspect. Several Everett Police officers arrived and went into the store and located the suspect as surprised shoppers looked on. He was taken into custody without incident. Officers also removed a fair amount of property from the truck that the owner’s said didn’t belong to them.

Everett Police say they appreciate getting help from people who spot their stolen vehicles but ask that if you do see a stolen vehicle, don’t follow it. Get the best description that you can and call 9-1-1.

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