PUD Offering Everett Residents Tips on How to Save Money as Weather Heats Up

May 31, 2014

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Snohomish County PUD We like to pass along helpful tips from the Snohomish PUD as they come in and here are several designed to save you money as summer approaches…

Everett, WA — Snohomish County PUD customers can keep their bills in check this season by following a few easy steps. There are countless ways to save money and help the environment at the same time.

Simple Savers:

  • Unplug any 2nd refrigerators not in use (or move items to primary refrigerator).
  • Defrost your freezer when ice or frost build-up is ¼ inch or thicker.
  • Set your water heater temperature no higher than 120° F.
  • Use resource-efficient appliances. Look for the Energy Star label.
  • Install low-flow showerheads and low-flow faucet aerators.
  • Repair leaking or dripping hot water faucets.
  • Use your microwave instead of your oven whenever possible.
  • Use small cooking appliances when possible – electric fry pans, toaster ovens, etc.
  • When using your oven, cook more than one item at a time.
  • For lighting, use LEDs and compact fluorescent light bulbs.
  • Caulk and weather-strip doors and windows.

Recycle Your Old Fridge

Your old energy-wasting fridge or freezer is costing you money – up to $200 this year and every year you keep it. The PUD will haul it away for free and recycle it safely. Start saving today! Take advantage of the free haul-away from the PUD. To schedule an appointment, call JACO Environmental toll-free at 1-877-577-0510.

Get Efficient with Weatherization & Heating

PUD incentives make it easy. The utility can help you cover costs for duct sealing and insulation, heat pumps and efficient windows (for electrically heated homes). Install a ductless heat pump, for example, and you’ll receive a rebate of up to $1,200. These units not only reduce your PUD bill, but they also improve comfort in your home.

For other energy-saving tips and more information about PUD conservation programs, visit www.snopud.com or call the PUD Energy Hotline at 425-783-1700.

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