Everett Host Families Sought For Chinese Students Attending Archbishop Murphy High

April 13, 2014


Cambridge Institute

Are you interested in hosting a student from China while they attend Archbishop Murphy High?

Received a request to pass along information regarding a program where families in Everett host a student from China for the 2014-2015 year at Archbishop Murphy High School. Here are the details as provided by Lynette Andrews at the Cambridge Institute of International Education.

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In 2012, Archbishop Murphy High School (AMHS) partnered with gphomestay and the Cambridge Institute of International Education to provide international students the opportunity to attend the school.  In the first year of the program, the school welcomed 6 Chinese students.  The program more than doubled in size for 2013, and there are currently 14 students attending the school.  AMHS hopes to expand the program to 20 students for fall 2014.  Due to the fact that the program is expanding so rapidly, the school is currently looking for new host families who live within a 30 minute radius of the school to join the AMHS host family community.

The current students are doing extremely well and are very appreciative that they were presented with this opportunity to study in Everett.  There will be four seniors graduating from the school this May and each of the students plans to attend college in the United States.  As you can imagine, being so far from home and doing something so important can place a lot of pressure on these students. A good host family can make all the difference to these students.

These students come to the U.S. from a wide variety of cities in China, and each one has different interests and hobbies.  One student who chose “Leo” as his American name is a nationally-ranked Latin dancer in China, “Lenon” is a very talented artist and has already been accepted to the Art Institute of Chicago and California and “David” completed an internship with Operation Smile in China over his summer break.

Dana, the English Language Learner Coordinator at AMHS, is thrilled to have the international students at the school.  “The students really brighten your day,” Dana reflected.  She explained that the students are very hard-working and really take care of each other.  She has also observed that the students are typically more independent than the domestic students attending the school, because these Chinese students are used to attending boarding schools.

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While the gphomestay program greatly benefits the students, it also benefits the local community by expanding cultural awareness and diversity.  Bringing diversity and intercultural learning into the Everett area will make a difference for years to come.  As part of a prerequisite for graduation, the students are required to take part in community service.  This past Sunday, the students volunteered with a local organization called Catholic Community Services, where they assisted elderly persons with yard-work and cleaning.

The current host families have developed incredible relationships with their students.  Many of the host families describe their student as a “part of the family.”  They really treat the student as if he or she were their own son or daughter.  Recently, one host family brought their student on a trip so that the student could ride rollercoasters. Another student volunteers at his host mother’s middle school.   The host families really enjoy teaching the students about American culture and showing the student around Everett and Seattle.  The students love to share stories and compare differences between the U.S. and China!  It really is an eye-opening experience for all involved.

The reward of being a host family is offering your culture to someone who truly appreciates it while also learning about a new culture without leaving your own home. Many hosts are surprised at how hosting a student brings their own family closer together. Especially for children, the impact of sharing a space with a person from another culture can be life changing and open their mind to an increasingly globalized world.

To learn more about the program, visit www.gphomestay.com or email info@gphomestay.com.



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