Roadside Memorial Grows For Thursday Night Crash Victim

March 15, 2014

Everett, Police Blotter

Mukilteo Blvd memorial

This roadside memorial marks Thursday night’s crash site.

Beer bottles, candles, photos and messages are all part of a growing roadside memorial for 21-year-old Paul S. Linari of Everett. Linari died when a Jeep went out of control Thursday night in the 3100 block of Mukilteo Boulevard in west Everett. Investigators with Everett Police are still working the case and have not publicly released details. The Snohomish County Medical Examiner has ruled the death as accidental. Two other people who were involved with the Jeep were detained by police Thursday night. The memorial is on the west side of Mukilteo Boulevard just west of Ocean Ave.

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41 Responses to “Roadside Memorial Grows For Thursday Night Crash Victim”

  1. Noel Says:

    I think it’s very unfortunate that so many people assume that because Paul was young and some of his friends have been drinking at the memorial site that alcohol was involved. I was told that Paul had very little to drink that night and he was of legal drinking age. From what I know of Paul he was not reckless in his behavior, he did not put the lives of his friends in danger, and he always wore his seat belt. Why he chose not to wear it that night when the doors were off his jeep we will never know. Regardless, I don’t think it is fair to assume alcohol was a factor. We all make poor driving decisions sometimes that result in an accident, unless I learn otherwise from an official source, I choose to believe that is the case with Paul.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Reading through these comments makes me sick. This shouldn’t be a place to argue. There should be talk of how great of a person he was, what fun memories you all had together, things you will never be able to forget about him.

    I grew up with Paul. I went to school with him from elementary on. I was friends with him during elementary school, but after that we didn’t talk much. I’m not going to pretend that I knew him anymore, because I feel that would be disrespectful.

    Like I said, I didn’t really know Paul that well after elementary school. I do remember though that he would be the one guy in your class that could say something and have all the students laughing, no matter what it was. Paul will be missed dearly and I pray for his family and friends as they go through this hard time.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Ever think they smelt of beer because it was spilt all over the place from the cans thrown from the car? Probably not. Also Chelsea, you left kamiak to “better your life” and now you’re a mom at 21. Great example. Maybe you should have stayed at kamiak and learned to spell/use correct grammar so your arguments would sound somewhat reasonable.

    • Chelsea white Says:

      Correction I am a great mother to my daughter and so is my partner. I left kamiak to leave this great group of friends these people are saying they are. I don’t party like all of you do I spend my days with the light of my life. Do not act like that having a child has ruined my life.This argument had nothing to do with what everyone’s life is like. You guys are fighting over what I had said and I did Say I understand where your coming from. No matter what this situation is horrible and what I’ve read doesn’t make things easier to hear. What else are you guys going to try to throw at me? This is about Paul linari who had died, not trying to beat someone up over hpaving a thought on something. What are you guys fighting for? Seriously try to call me on crammer/ autocorrect my phone barley even works and I don’t have the time to fix my replys. If you want to come at someone with “faulse accusations” than speak for yourself and even show your self I’d love to hear what you’d have to say because I’m pretty sure all of you are basing your facts on me on what you hear not the truth and guess what from being an outsider I have the right To believe what I hear just as much as your doing.

      What goes on in my life has NOTHING to do with this! So immature you are

    • Chelsea white Says:

      I’m done commenting on all these kids I went to school with. Instead of talking about things and helping me understand more I’ve been attacked about who they think I am and what they believe I am. I am not angry for what you’ve said, but also learn to take your own advice’s before treating someone like garbage. One day you all will grow up and learn that there’s more to life then drinking and fighting over who knew someone more. I knew Paul all of my middle school and highschool years and he will always be someone I will think about weitjer I lost touch or not. He was a great soul and he would be so appalled by how you guys are acting. Thanks for the time Randi to clarify some information. I am sorry for the first comment I made. I said that multiple times and I can only back myself up so much. But I was angry about hearing a friend left him. No matter what this is getting out of control and I need to be there for my family then do these petty responses to people who are not in my life anymore. My respects are out to Paul and his family and he knows up there how I feel. That’s all that matters hope you all have a great life and learn something from this, I know I did.

    • Randi Says:

      Please don’t think I mean any disrespect…Paul died of blunt force trauma from not wearing his seat belt. The rest of the specifics will come out later. Accepting the fact – not assumption – that they were drinking and it came from her breath not clothes and CPR requires mouth to mouth, does not mean anyone is accusing them of being hammered. I would never post assumptions. You are looking for answers so I simply wrote what I personally witnessed. It is heartwarming to see the love Paul’s friends have for him and this neighborhood is heartbroken over this loss.

  4. Randi Says:

    I was there and here are the facts…nothing more nothing less. The whole neighborhood came running when we heard the crash to find one man limping away from the scene and a girl very confused ( of coarse she was shaken) and a man laying by the shoulder of the road. CPR was almost immediate from a doctor and his wife who live nearby but he (Paul ) was already gone. He smelled of beer and so did the girl. There were beer cans in the jeep and beer cans scattered on the hill that had been thrown from the jeep. The gal that was driving the vehicle that was sideswiped was very shaken … I won’t add what she said happened because I didn’t see it. I saw a man planting a cross for Paul the next day to find that he was the one who had left the scene. He even picked up a few of the beer cans that had been thrown down the hill. Yes there have been people drinking at the site. Yes there have been some horns honking at people coming to visit the site who are not being cautious of the fact that there is a blind corner on this side of the road. This death could have been prevented and this whole community is upset by this incident. I hope this settles a couple of the accusations I read.

  5. Laurie Says:

    You may think I don’t know what I am talking about, but what you don’t know is that i live right there and saw all the beer cans that flew out of the jeep when it crashed. And I also know AC the nice friend who runs. I am not reading newspaper reports. Yoi could smell it on them all and I know alcohol was involved. I don’t need reports from the paper to know what i saw..
    And maybe at one time there were only “3 of you drinking” at the cross, that isn’t true from when I walked by the next evening. I am not bad mouthing anybody, I am just hoping that all of his friends learn to stay safe and not drink and drive. Look what it does to friends and family.

    • Randi Says:

      I live there too and was on the scene of the accident almost immediately and I am with Laurie. I mean no disrespect but there was absolutely alcohol involved and after the three of you left the cross that evening a small group of guys were drinking and did drive off. This whole neighborhood feels horrible and we don’t ever want to witness such a preventable incident like this again. Just be safe … Designated drivers always.

  6. Mikayla Says:

    So since your hurting it’s ok to bash us as friends? And go to it Chelsea . Everybody deserves to see it. But we will leave at that. There’s just things that you will never see from our point if view but I’m sure one day you’ll see where we are all coming from. As For Paul; you were a great friend and my best memories had you by my side. We know you are looking down on us , guiding us through this crazy life. Love and miss you forever Pauly. See you in paradise..

    • chelsea white Says:

      I didnt bash anyone untill you 3 started to tell me im wrong. I might be wrong with some information but i know it wasnt fair to pay respects leaving beer cans there. Maybe someday youll realize that some peoples feelings arent wrong, everyone can feel how they wish and from what i know i can feel every piece i have inside of me. I dont care for any of you as friends to see your point of view because it doesnt matter. I didnt ask for your information because i didnt care what you had to say. Because i was not your friend my respects dont go out to you to see your point of view, someday youll realize that. You were not my friend paul was

  7. chelsea white Says:

    What have you been saying to me? Seriously i have NO clue what happened but from what i read and i was angry from reading such a thing! And like i said if i knew different i might of worded it differently i left kamiak to get myself better so yes i lost all contact with everyone! I understand it might be hurtful but understand searching his name and these things im reading hurt to read! How else am i supposed to react i havnt spoke to anyone about this i had to get a text from my mom who i dont even have contact with. Its hard for me just as much as you. But thank you guys for making me feel so comfortable with my great relationship i had with him ment nothing because i wanted a better life i was going through. I was going to pay my respects and visit him, now from being attacked for feeling the way i was i will not visit. I feel like im in highschool agaian. I said my feelings were being based on what i knew at the time. Weither it was rough or not it hurt hearing he was left there, because paul would of stayed

  8. Mikayla Says:

    Taste your words before you spit them out. Chelsea all we are trying to get across is that some of the accusations and opinions you are making are very hurtful. You were great friends with no doubt but this past week, everything we have done is for Paul. Whether you agree or not he would of loved it. A lot has changed over 4 years. The friends that he had over those 4 years has not changed and it was a rare site that we didn’t see each other for more than a week. Don’t you think we would know what he would like? Paul was all of our best friend and you questioning any of the friendships we had with him is heartbreaking.

  9. Demi Says:

    WE ARE SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT . Everyone in the car with Paul loved him and did what they felt was was right in the moment. It is not up to you to pass judgment on them. His friends love him and are grieving his loss the best they can, however they chose. Please don’t make assumptions on peoples lives you don’t know.

    • chelsea white Says:

      Im stating that coming from someone who knew him this sounds very wrong. You look at the picture first thing you see is a solo cup on top of his cross, Its rude and i dont see it in a respectful mannor. I have ever right to say this. And i have every right to think something else must of happened. For someone telling someone not to pass judgement you should do the same. Maybe im grieving in anger from not knowing what went on with him. Im sure his family was asking the same question
      I still dont know what really happened or what had been confirmed maybe if i knew i would of replied differently. But i dont and how i still feel gives you no right to tell me im wrong.

  10. chelsea white Says:

    This isnt about casey, this is about paul. I was not your friends and i know the way paul feels about me and thats all that matters. And how i feel shouldnt effect your life so bad. What ive heard sounds fishy. I do not owe anything to you guys to ask a question. Whats been posted is rough enough and sadly the information i have on him is what alot other people are only going to know also. Call me wrong i dont care, im human and youve publicly shown your true character. What has happened is sad, discousting, and hurtful. No one needs to be respected out of beer and he deserves more than what your saying
    saying. Others were involved and im saddened for them i didnt know them well but i know running from your friend is wrong.

  11. Demi Says:

    Chelsea, your argument is a joke. You keep saying how little you know about the situation. You don’t even know who was in the car! Just be quite, you don’t know Casey. You sound like a fool to everyone who knows Casey, Paul and the other passanger.

    • chelsea white Says:

      I dont care how i look to any of you. Thats why i wasnt your friend and still isnt. If i was correct demi you were just as much as alot of other people who used to call paul “annoying” to me. Just cause i dont know what happens makes me wrong for feeling this way? What i know was paul, hannah, and ac were in the car. Call me a joke all you want but the both of you used to talk shit about paul to me before. So stop claming your greatness too him. Sounds more alike your defending whats wrong than whats right. I wasnt your friend i was HIS and thats all i care about. Call me a joke, call me and idiot i do not care. You both are very immature attacking somone who had genuine thoughts. I dont need to go on social media to get my info this says enough. I also dont care enough to try to talk to any of you to get the information
      information. I went on with my life without these great friends on here and i am happy were i am. And i missed out on a great friendship and i know the way paul feels and im sure hes looking down on you shaking his head. Im not attacking someone and making an argument im saying that how and what i feel is real and no one can tell me im wrong for that.

    • chelsea white Says:

      I put my full name on here because i was confident in my responce and wasnt affraid to express that. I was pauls bestfriend weither you care or not and my feelings are based on what has been said. Paul was great, happy, and cared for everyone even if you were rude and didnt like him. He cared i respect him more since hes been gone he taught me a lesson to love and always love. Thats what he did, was loved everything and anybody! Im sorry you all have such harsh feelings towards me, i barley knew you and im not going to go to your level of bashing. Once again my thought and feelings are based on what ive read. Its very hard to read these and be happy with it. Ive always spoke my mind and i still will. I dont need so called highschool friends to tell me how i feel is wrong. I dont know what you dont get anout that.

  12. Casey Says:

    You may have been Paul’s best friend at one point but the people who have spent his last years with him know exactly what he would want. You can agree with that or not. The reason this started is because I am not going to let you draw negative attention to a beautiful life. Don’t come on an article to talk shit about the people who would die for him. You already said you don’t know anything well we do. We are the ones with his family and girlfriend. Keep your negative thought to yourself and comment about how amazing Paul was . paul would be so disappointed that YOU came on an article to talk about how one of his best friends is “fishy” and how disgusted you are. Of course I’m going to defend my friend! I could care less what you say about me so I’m not going to say how immature and petty you are for talking about partying and doing drugs.

    • chelsea white Says:

      I dont even know who the friend was casey. Seriously i can write how i feel thank you and yes it is fishy would you of ran!? Im sure i wouldnt of and because i felt that, that was wrong? I dont think so. Im not petty for saying that because the only relationship i had with any of you was from partying so i wouldnt of doubted it if something illegal did happen. Just because i wasnt there the last years doesnt mean our relationship was nothing! I was more a friend to him the 8 years we were friends then the years your claiming to be so close to him. As long as ive known you you were never as close as we were. I hope you know how ridiculous you sound saying paul would want people drinking at his crash site. What a great way to celebrate his life. Bravo! this isnt about you casey, im not “talking shit” im being a human being that can express how i feel. If you didnt like it sorry your problem. I might of worded things wrong but understand i was angry hearing every website from myeverettnews, the herald, seattle times, and an everett police officer saying his friend ran away. Does no one else see that as fishy, even the police were thinking something else went on. So EXCUSE me for having LEGIT thoughts. You have very little character and this shows every ounce of it. Im not going to sit here and try to make you understand how i feel about it. Just because i was not there does not mean it didnt exist anymore since we were not in touch. And i know if he were here today i would of re met with him and i know he felt the same towards me.

    • chelsea white Says:

      There was no negativity drawn to paul, i said he was great, i said he went to younge. I did not see anything right about a friend leaving him there and having to get caught and detained for questioning. How does it feel knowing what happened lies in his friends hands and he had to run, rather than give his friend the respect so people could know what happened. People go seperate ways in life and that happened with us. For you to tell me that i have no right to feel the way i do is so very wrong from you

  13. chelsea white Says:

    Look at the way you people talk to someone! Wow so glad i left Kamiak all it was full of was very ignorant people. I asked everett police officers and everyone says under investigation. Accidental crashes dont go under investigation if something else had happened. Also im not that worried about what everyone did at the crash, im sadened his parents probably have to go by it in their cars every day. And isnt that so nice you all cleaned up the cans for him. Im happy that i know in my heart my relationship with paul was great for the years we were friends and that feeling never went away weither it was 4 years or 50. He was a real friend to me and i was very upset we lost our touch. I kept telling myself that one day we’d cross paths again and now that opperitunity is closed. You have such great character “casey”

    • Casey Says:

      You know who I am. Good to know you don’t want anybody to celebrate your life when you die. Have some fucking respect for his real best friends you would have no idea what Paul would of wanted. All his friends are mourning with his family and his girlfriend. You have no idea.

      • chelsea white Says:

        Yes i wouldnt want you to drinking. Your showing great respect talking to one of his close friends like this also. Let me guess its casey botano or i dont know how to spell it. I was never close friends to you but for one school year. Also im not paying my respects to people who obviously dont respect me either. Im talking on behalf of my bestfriend thank you. This is a bunch of bull, you obviously dont know what paul would want either. Im no idiot, i dont owe anything to any of you, but paul and his family. NONE of you were my friends, he was
        . I understand your angry, so am i. Im angry i dont know anything, im angry i wasnt around him the last few years. Im angry that what little i do get to read about him,isnt what id want peoples lasts thoughts on me passing. Ya i might of worded things different i DONT know whats true and whats not,all i know is it sucks. On your behalf thanks for trying to humiliate me on the internet, i had a legit opinion and i can express myself any which way i want to.

      • chelsea white Says:

        This proves exactly why i left, you are a very rude individual i never talked bad or down to you, and your way of reply was very immature and petty. I grew up as soon as i left and wasnt around so much partying and drugs like everyone was doing. I cleaned myself up and grew up. And you were never a close friend to start with. This is so rude on behalf of paul, he deserves way more than others attacking one anouther over what had and hadnt happened. I would never want someone “drinking a beer” on a case that would possible of had alcohol involved this is why i see it as horse shit

  14. chelsea white Says:

    Especially knowing paul and his family, lets say if alcohol was involved with the accident do you think they would apperciate his friends drinking in thought of him. If it wasnt, nobody sees drinking is the proper way to show respect. Even this website the first thing it says is beer bottles. Kudos to you though if you believe that was the appropriate thing to do for him. Im just glad you werent my friend i wouldnt of wanted that, thats for sure!

  15. chelsea white Says:

    The only information i have on this crash was what these web sites have. First of all i wouldnt grieve over my friend drinking at a crash Site. And i knew paul well enough he wouldnt want people doing that. I left for various reasons which dont even matter to you it was for myself. I left a comment on how i felt about it. I WAS one of many of pauls bestfriends and would of NEVER flew from the scene. Am i wrong for feeling this way? Fist of all why dont you say who you even are because id honestly would love to know what happened because you obviously knowwhat happened right? None of you have no place to tell me im disrespectful or i have no place to say something. All of these people commenting have true feelings towards the information they can base stuff off of. As of me not being in close contact with paul for only 4 years means i cannot have anger, hurt, and questioning as to what has happened. How about you go get a life.

    • Casey Says:

      Your first dumbass mistake is listening to the bullshit they tell you on the news or these websites, obviously you haven’t learned that. A lot can change in 4 years Chelsea. Maybe you also dont know the difference between “drinking” and having a beer, the bottles were cleaned up right after this picture was taken by the way. You had a chance to ask what happened before you just made yourself look like an idiot Again..

      • Randi Says:

        Casey I just wanted to say thank you to whoever cleaned up the site. You have all shown a lot of respect. We will back you up in saying we have seen no one ” hammered” at the scene. I live here so this is first hand.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I have known Paul for years. Chelsea I am shocked you would come in with these negative accusations when you have barely been around. You should know well enough that Paul was a positive person and would be appalled you would comment such negative things about one of his best friends who HAS been around the last few years. None of you know any details and are making assumptions based off of the news which we all know over exaggerates everything to get a story. All of you should take a look in the mirror and think about if this is how you would want your life remembered..people talking shit about something they have no idea about. Also let’s take a moment that NO NEWS story has mentioned anything about alcohol being involved. So stop speculating and take a moment to cherish your loved ones because that’s what this all should teach us: life is short and we can’t take any moment or anyone for granted.

  17. Casey Says:

    Obviously Laurie you are blind or delusional there were 3 people that were drinking there that night just having a beer for our best friend that has just passed, they were all passengers in cars or walked home. Chelsea I am very disappointed you would comment such things. All of you who commented or that are thinking of commenting should either get your facts straight which you will not be able to do, get a life, which you will never have a life as great as Paul’s was or should have been. Or please do not comment at all, I cannot tell you how mad seeing this stuff makes me. It is tragic accidents happen but they do and we will never know why this happened to our very responsible, loyal, caring, and very much loved friend.

    • Randi Says:

      Casey I mean no disrespect but there were groups of people coming by the site throughout the day and there was a group that was drinking and then drove off in two cars. I can back Laurie up as an eye witness on that one. We are all so saddened by such a tragic incident. My heart goes out to his parents.

  18. chelsea white Says:

    I went to school with paul linari and i was actually his bestfriend 6th grade-11th! Paul was always the nicest person to anyone. And i thought it was VERY fishy that his friends would of ran away, obviously they were doing something illegal and didnt want to get in trouble! What friend would leave their friend dead in the road! Im so sickened by this, especially that no one has even learned from it! I havnt visited the site yet but by the picture how discousting it is. I miss paul so much and was so uset we lost touch from me switching schools! He didnt deserve to go so young! I feel so bad for his family they were all the nicest thoughtful people ever and would always be there for you! RIP

    • Barb Says:

      I visited the site the other evening just after it happened.I do know there was a young man siting by the cross so heart broken over the loss of his friend that he was almost hit by a car while he was grieving. I don’t know what gets these kids into the hardened vice of alcohol, but do know who ever this young man was he was genuinely grieving the loss of his friend. I tried to have him step away from the road, but he said he could not leave his friend. He didn’t want him to be alone.
      I am so saddened by all this and I wish it never happened and hope the survivors of this dreadful accident get the help they need too.
      This is a bad stretch of road. Whether one is drunk or not, it’s still very dangerous and it needs to be dealt with.
      I hope the taking of this young man’s life serves as a teaching to all involved. I am so sorry for Paul Linari’s family and the other families involved as well.

      • Randi Says:

        Barb, I wanted to let you know that this a neighbor boy that was just really upset and he barly knew him . The good thing is that he was hit hard by how fast life can be taken and our choices always matter. The neighborhood is petitioning for something to be done at the corner to slow people down so we are all hoping that a little good comes from this horrible incident.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    I live two blocks from this scene. Wanting to know the cause of the accident! The kids in the area hot rod, speed, race, many in jacked up Jeeps. I just can’t help assume that one of these actions were the cause! And heading west just before Ocean, coming up a hill to a curved road, going too fast only spells trouble. That is one of the most nerve racking stretches when waking my dog. After 10+ yrs living on the Blvd, I’m really surprised there haven’t been more accidents, especially ones involving pedestrians.

    • Barbara Says:

      Yes, I agree with you on this one.
      I don’t know the details of the kids driving the jeeb, but drinking or not drinking this is a bad curve in the road way and all drivers coming aroud the curve are going too fast. I too walk my dog along the boulevard and have had some close calls. I sometimes wait while the traffic speeds past me for fear of getting hit.
      The pedestrian signs don’t seem to cat anyone’s attention.

    • Randi Says:

      I also agree but I have to add that the actual cause of death was blunt force trauma … Paul was not wearing his seatbelt and was ejected from his Jeep. He was so close to home. If it were not for that brand new guardrail all three would have been seriously injured rolling down the embankment. This whole neighborhood is joining forces to find a way to slow people down around that corner.

  20. Out of Control Says:

    It’s time to stop blaming vehicles for “going out control”. Cars don’t actually do anything. The drivers are always at fault, and “out of control” vehicles are works of fiction.

  21. Laurie Says:

    It’s sad that I am sure alcohol was involved in this accident, and his friends aren’t learning anything from it. Was very heart breaking to see them all out there drinkin last night and leaving all the bottles and red solo cups all around his cross like they honor him with drinking and then they all got in their cars and drove. When will young people learn that drinking and driving kills?