One Dead After Crash on Mukilteo Blvd. in Everett

March 14, 2014

Police Blotter

Mukilteo Blvd fatal

Everett Police and Firefighters were unable to revive the victim at the scene.

Mukilteo Blvd Fatal crash - van

This van was sideswiped by the Jeep.

Mukilteo Blvd fatal - Jeep

Police say this is the Jeep involved in the fatal crash

UPDATE Fri 7:30am: Everett Police say they have located the person who left the scene. The crash remains under investigation.
As of midnight, one person is dead, 1 person is being detained and another is being sought after a crash on Mukilteo Boulevard in west Everett. According to Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell about 10:15pm Thursday night a Jeep was being driven westbound in the 3100 block of Mukilteo Boulevard when it sideswiped a van heading eastbound. The Jeep then hit a guardrail and came to a stop. As neighbors heard the crash they came out and found a person lying on the ground. The person was not breathing and CPR was started. As Everett Police arrived, one person from the Jeep fled on foot. A K-9 was brought in to try and locate the person and traffic investigators from Everett PD are examining the scene. Mukilteo Boulevard was closed and a detour set up. Snell says they believe the deceased, the person detained and the one person outstanding are all associated with the Jeep.

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One Response to “One Dead After Crash on Mukilteo Blvd. in Everett”

  1. brent Says:

    Speed as much as you want on Mukilteo Blvd ! no cops watch this road !!!! if they do the park at the bottom of the hill where you can see them for a mile, all day long cars do well above the speed limit, at 4 am Boeing traffic starts with cars doing 60mp and after the bars close the same, its all day long cars speed the Glen Heave area, down the hill they go off to kill someone with there car !!! believe me I live on the road,,,, its Boeing Traffic and the ones running late for the Ferry ! we see ya