What Do You Think Everett, WA Should Look Like in 2035?

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How do you want to see Everett in 2035?

The City of Everett is inviting residents and business owners to describe how they want to see Everett, WA in 20 years. Meghan Pembroke, public information director from the City of Everett asked MyEverettNews.com to invite readers to a special meeting next week to envision what Everett will look like in 2035…

What kind of community should Everett, WA be in 20 years? What features help shape the livability of a community? Residents, business owners and other community members can help answer those questions at a special planning meeting next week.

Everett’s planning commission and staff will hold an interactive workshop at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, March 18, at the Everett Station. The city is currently updating Everett’s comprehensive plan to extend the planning horizon from 2025 to 2035. The workshop is a chance for citizens to share what they envision for Everett’s future and provide input about important community characteristics and assets, and how and where growth should occur.

“We hope to see the entire city represented at the workshop,” said Allan Giffen, planning director. “The comprehensive plan is about more than just growth targets and policies. It’s really about quality of life, and we want it to reflect the values and priorities of our community.”

The workshop will provide opportunity for discussion and a chance to participate in hands-on exercises to help refine a vision for Everett. In the past, citizen input has helped shape a variety of capital improvements, code changes, environmental initiatives and special planning study areas, such as the Riverfront redevelopment and the central waterfront.

“People sometimes believe planning is a dry field that’s not relevant to them, but the issues we tackle can have a significant impact on the look and character of a community,” said Giffen. “The updated comprehensive plan will help establish priorities and a framework for future growth – whether it’s an individual project in a specific neighborhood, or a larger study area.”

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2 Responses to “What Do You Think Everett, WA Should Look Like in 2035?”

  1. Hate Monster Buildings Says:

    Everett and other cities are being ruined by monster buildings that jam hundreds of people into small spaces in tight proximity.

    I am also saddened when I read about developers who are disrespectful to their neighbors and could essentially put them out of business. The recent article in the Everett Herald described one alleged situation like that.

    It appears that this is a PathAmerica project with Lobsang Dargey as lead and Glen Bachman, Everett’s Port Commissioner as President.

    Come on folks, this is not what Everett should look like, and it is certainly not how Everett neighbors (and government officials) should treat each other.

    • Port Question Says:

      Correction. Port Commissioner Bachman’s Linkedin shows that he is no longer with PathAmerica. Lobsang Dargey’s company website (PathAmerica.com) seems to still indicate that there is involvement of this official with PA. Am I alone in thinking that this misleads those who are directed to this website as they consider an investment in this EB-5? Would those across the ocean have any reason to not believe that the Port Authorities are somehow involved with this private enterprise?