Machinists Local Explains Why No Vote on 777x

December 14, 2013

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Click to see the comparison provided by local 751 has heard from several machinists in Everett that they want to know why the machinists union local won’t move forward with a vote on the revised 777x contract offer from Boeing. Below is an explanation by Union President Tom Wroblewski along with a comparison posted by the Union on the iam751 website.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Many of you have asked for more information about Boeing’s counterproposal from Thursday. To help you understand all the problems our Business Reps and I found with the counterproposal, I asked my staff to come up with an analysis of how Boeing’s first offer from November compares to Boeing’s latest offer.

I think you’ll agree with us that Boeing’s demands for concessions on retirement and health benefits – plus limits on future wages – were unreasonable, especially considering how we have delivered record numbers of airplanes and record profit margins this year. And, if you compare the two latest offers, you’ll see that the only real difference between November’s offer and the more-recent one is that Boeing proposed to take away just a fraction less.

To repeat what I’ve said previously, it’s important that you understand Boeing has withdrawn the offer it made to the Business Reps and I on Thursday, which means we are not in a position to put it to a membership vote. When Boeing proposed the offer that afternoon, the company leaders in the room told us the offer was only valid so long as we recommended acceptance of the proposal and agreed to sell it on the shop floor.

When we replied that we couldn’t in good faith encourage you to vote for a proposal like this — which would destroy our retirement benefits, significantly raise medical costs and sharply limit your future earnings — Boeing rescinded the offer.

I understand that a Boeing spokesman is telling reporters something different today, but that’s not the message that your Business Reps and I got at the bargaining table Thursday. Therefore, I’m taking Boeing leadership at their word in saying the offer is now off the table.

Obviously, this is all confusing and upsetting. However, it’s important for you to have as many facts as possible. I think you will agree that this latest offer was very similar to what you already voted down by a two to one majority. However, there was nothing to vote on since Boeing pulled the offer because we wouldn’t agree to their demand that we recommend acceptance and sell it on the shop floor.

In solidarity,

Tom W.

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