Everett Leaders Demand Machinists Be Allowed to Vote on 777x Proposal, Beg Machinists to Vote Yes

Machinist Ballot for contract extension

The first vote was 2 – 1 against. It’s still unclear if a new vote on the updated proposal will happen.

Three local Everett leaders issued the following statement today regarding the ongoing drama between Boeing and the Machinists Union…

The Boeing Company offer presented to the Machinists Thursday deserves to be voted upon by its membership.

We applaud the Machinists union and The Boeing Company for returning to the bargaining table and working toward a resolution. It is clear progress has been made. This latest proposal responds to concerns presented at the table by the Machinists, and it reflects the demands of a highly competitive, global marketplace.

It is fair and reasonable to allow the men and women who will build the 777X this opportunity to vote. We strongly urge the proposal be presented immediately to the Machinist membership for their consideration.

Moreover, we urge the Machinists to vote yes on this offer to secure the future of aerospace in the state and our competitiveness worldwide. Boeing employees in Washington state build the best airplanes in the world now, and we hope, far into the future.

City of Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson

Snohomish County Executive John Lovick

Port of Everett Commissioner Troy McClelland

Last month Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson and Snohomish County executive John Lovick urged the machinists to approve the first contract offer Boeing put forth. The machinists union members rejected that offer by a vote of 2 – 1 against.

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3 Responses to “Everett Leaders Demand Machinists Be Allowed to Vote on 777x Proposal, Beg Machinists to Vote Yes”

  1. Dave Says:

    This is simply the same deal as last time. I think it’s harmful to post statements like this from politicians who will do anything they can do get more jobs into the area no matter what the cost. Instead of just posting self important press releases, please compare what these people are saying compared to what Boeing actually offered.

    • MER Says:

      It was not the same deal….it was better. The Pension was the only thing not changed. Which ever way this deal goes that pension will be useless. At least you can roll over a 401K. A small few of the union leadership are standing in the way of vast amounts who wish to see the 777x stay here in the state of Washington. I personally like the fact that local politicians actually care about keeping the program here because I think they see the dynamics of whats at stake and even though some peoples pride is on the line I assure you there is far more to lose if the 777x is built elsewhere.

      • Dave Says:

        You didn’t even read the posted links, so I guess your opinion is more important than the official word. You do understand that Boeing is doing its best to make its’ workers minimum wage earners, don’t you? What do you think 1 percent every two years gives you after inflation? It’s certainly not going to make up for the increased medical costs. Are you an employee? Are you excited by the thought of a 10 grand payout? This isn’t something worth selling out for.