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December 9, 2013

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Meghan Pembroke from the city of Everett asked city officials for some tips in case the snow actually does land in Everett over the next 24 hours…

Motorcycle snowplow

In the event of snow in Everett you are responsible for keeping the sidewalk in front of your house or business clear.

Everett residents should prepare for the chance of snow and freezing rain between now and Wednesday.

The National Weather Service forecast calls for up to two inches of snow and possible freezing drizzle in Everett Monday night through Tuesday evening. Warmer seasonal temperatures are expected to return by Wednesday.

Public works crews have been working around-the-clock to ensure quick response to snow and ice. “Our crews will be out overnight with our plows and sanding trucks to help keep roads clear,” said Marla Carter, public works public information manager.

In the event of snow, first priority is given to bridges, major arterials and bus routes, before snow plows and crews move to secondary arterials and residential streets. Drivers should plan for winter driving conditions this evening and Tuesday.

“Allow some extra time for your commute tomorrow morning,” said Aaron Snell, community information officer with the Everett Police Department. “Give other drivers space and take it slow, especially if there is ice present.”

Snell reminds drivers to stay at least 50 feet back when following sanding and deicing trucks and always yield to service vehicles such as plows and buses. If possible, move vehicles from the side of the road to allow snow plows to clear the streets.  Use caution when walking in parking lots and driveways that may be slippery.

Protect pipes from freezing weather

Public works crews encourage property owners to take steps to protect their homes and businesses from freezing weather.

“Frozen pipes can leave you without water and result in expensive repairs,” said Carter. “Our crews can be very busy during cold snaps, so it’s important to know how to use your master water shut-off valve in the event of an emergency.”

To protect against freezing weather, Carter advises homeowners to:

•         Disconnect garden hoses

•         Insulate pipes in unheated areas

•         Place insulated covers over outside faucets

•         Drain irrigation systems

•         Remove debris and any packed snow from storm drains

Property owners are responsible for clearing snow and ice from driveways and sidewalks to provide a path for pedestrians in front of homes and businesses.

Stay warm safely

During cold weather, Everett firefighters often respond to fires caused by people using camp stoves or grills to provide heat. In addition to being a fire risk, Fire Marshal Rick Robinson warns that using generators or grills indoors can also lead to carbon monoxide poisoning.

“Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, which makes it especially dangerous,” said Robinson. “Never use a generator or grill inside a home or garage, and install carbon monoxide alarms in central locations on every floor of your home.”

Robinson also encourages families to prepare a three-day emergency kit for their home and vehicles. Kits should include emergency items such as flashlights, batteries, blankets and first-aid supplies, as well as food and water. Visit www.ready.gov/build-a-kit for more info and ideas.

For more information, visit www.emd.gov, takewinterbystorm.org and whodependsonyou.com.


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