Everett Using Movie Making Contest to Attract Social Media Buzz

Everett Movie Contest

Experience Everett is looking for local movie makers.

The folks at Experience Everett are holding another movie contest to draw attention to the city. You might win $500 and who knows what kind of fame if your movie about Everett is chosen as the favorite. Here are the details…

Everett’s been attracting the movie industry a lot lately (Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares… twice – feature film Seven Minutes, starring Jason Ritter, Kris Kristofferson, Luke Mitchell and Levin Rambin in June – and now feature film The Architect, starring Eric McCormack, James Frain and Parker Posey. More information about that here: Casting Call). So, we thought we’d take this opportunity to do another film contest.

Create a short film about why you love Everett and you could win something. A judging panel will decide who should take home a $500 grand prize. A second contestant will win a GoPro for earning the most social media interactions. Post your video on Facebook, and tweet it on Twitter using the hashtag #EverettFilmContest. The director who has the most shares, likes, retweets and YouTube views will win. Oh, and Seven Minutes Producer (and Hollywood Director) Rick Rosenthal will be judging the top five viral videos (YouTube views + Facebook shares/likes + Twitter shares with hashtag #EverettFilmContest). His favorite flick will be played before the screening of Seven Minutes in Everett at a special red carpet event in 2014. Who knows, you may even get a movie deal out of it.


Topic: Why Everett is a great place to live or visit; the cool things about Everett that people might not know.

Purpose: Videos will be used as part of a grassroots marketing campaign for Everett. Part of the criteria for judging will be how many people “like” and “share” the video on Facebook, how many “views” the video gets on YouTube, and how many “tweets” using the hashtag “#EverettFilmContest” the video produces—the purpose is for as many viewers as possible to see these positive portrayals of Everett, creating a viral sensation that effectively continues to create a new and improved perception of Everett. Videos will be posted on the ExperienceEverett.com website and linked to Facebook, YouTube and over media sources.

Audience: Anyone young at heart and technologically savvy enough to navigate the internet.

Suggested Content Areas:

  • Water Activities – Kite Boarding / Sailing / Fishing / Whales
  • Restaurants or Entertainment – Favorite Dinner Spot / Happy Hour / Live Music / Theatre / Arts
  • Everett Sports Teams
  • Parks – Jetty Island / Forest Park / Grand Avenue Park / Legion Park / Spencer Island / Evergreen Arboretum
  • Recreational Activities – Swimming / Hockey / Running / Cycling
  • Everett Businesses – Favorite places to shop / Breweries / Distilleries / Wineries / Unique Businesses (Google elpis&wood)
  • Museums – Schack Art Center / Aerospace Museums (Future of Flight, Flying Heritage Collection, Historic Flight Foundation)
  • And more! Don’t be afraid to go inside places, too!! Everett has a ton of cool places.


  1. Submissions must be shot and submitted at 720p or higher resolution, NTSC compliant, preferably HD. We support these file formats: .avi or .mpeg4
  2. Submissions must include the “Experience Everett” logo within the video (at the beginning or end is fine) —downloadable at http://bit.ly/expevlogo.
  3. Submissions can be any length up to 90 seconds. Submissions longer than 90 seconds will not be accepted.
  4. Submissions need to be submitted to Experience Everett via secure file transfer site http://www.WeTransfer.com and sent to weloveeverett@gmail.com. Having problems uploading? Shoot us an email (weloveeverett@gmail.com) and we’ll let you drop a DVD off. Entries need to be received by November 15, 2013 at 5:00PM PST. Entry submissions that are posted after that time will forfeit consideration for all prizes.
  5. Please comply with copyright laws. If your film contains any copyrighted material (music for example) the filmmaker will be responsible for securing the licensing rights. (To avoid the expense and difficulty of securing such rights we recommend using only original, non-copyrighted material or material licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license).
  6. No lewd, suggestive or vulgar content, but humor is encouraged.
  7. Have fun!

Additional contest rules can be found here: Contest Rules


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