Everett Police Arrest Bike Riding, Revolver Toting, 12-Year-Old For Multiple Armed Robberies

September 10, 2013

Police Blotter

Everett Police say a 12-year-old is in custody for robbing a coffee stand and a convenience store with a revolver he got from a 16-year-old. That boy is a suspect in the robbery of a sandwich shop. Here are the details so far from Everett Police Spokesman Aaron Snell…

Jimmy Johns robbery photoEverett Police Major Crimes Detectives worked with physical evidence to solve three recent armed robberies which were committed by juveniles.

Just after 8:30 p.m. on July 23, 2013, employees from Jimmie Johns at 909 Sievers-Duecy Blvd called 911 to report the business had been robbed. Arriving officers were told that two males wearing white surgical masks entered the business, demanded and took cash before fleeing. One male pointed a black revolver at an employee while demanding she open the cash register. When the employee stated that only the manager could open the register, the male cocked the gun and demanded, “Give me the money.” The manager notified the two that she set off the alarm to call police and opened the register. Both males grabbed cash out of the drawer and stuffed it into their pant pockets before fleeing the business on foot and were not captured at the time.

Just after 9:00 p.m. on August 28, 2013 the Pecks Drive Market (801 Pecks Dr) was robbed by a young male. Immediately on entering the business the male pointed a black revolver at the clerk. He walked to the front counter, threw down a plastic bag and demanded it be filled with money from the register. After the employee complied, the male ran from the business and was not located by responding officers.

At about 1:00 p.m. on September 2, 2013 a young male stopped his bike at the drive-up window of Hillbilly Hotties Coffee Company (4034 Hoyt Ave) and ordered coffee. When the female employee told the male the price, he reached into his backpack and pulled out a black revolver and demanded all the money. The employee told the male there was no money and he took the tip jar before riding off.

Detectives investigating the cases believed the Pecks Drive Market and Hillbilly Hotties robberies were committed by the same male based on his voice, actions, physical dimensions and weapon. Using video surveillance, officers identified the male who is a 12 year-old juvenile from Everett. The male was arrested without incident, confessed to the two robberies and was booked into the Denny Juvenile Justice Center.

During the investigation, detectives learned a 16 year-old Arlington teen loaned the revolver to the 12 year-old. The 12 year-old used the revolver and returned it along with some of the money he took. Detectives identified and located the 16 year-old who was arrested without incident. The 16 year-old confessed to the Jimmie Johns robbery and turned over the revolver to detectives before being booked into the Denny Juvenile Justice Center.

Detectives continue working the Jimmy Johns robbery to identify the outstanding male.


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