Veteran Everett Firefighter to Receive Major Honor

Just received this press release from Assistant Everett Fire Marshal Eric Hicks regarding an honor to be presented at tonight’s Everett City Council meeting…

Everett Fire Department Captain Dave DeMarco

Captain David DeMarco. photo courtesy Everett Fire Department

Everett Fire Captain David DeMarco tonight joins a select group of firefighters nationwide who have completed the rigorous Executive Fire Officer program through the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD. The four-year program is designed to prepare senior firefighters to be effective, transformative leaders.

“The Executive Fire Officer Program selects officers that are leaders within their organizations and who are committed to contributing to their department and community,” said Chief Murray Gordon. “Graduates are uniquely trained to help solve the challenges faced by fire departments across the country.”

The program includes intensive two-week courses in executive development, community risk reduction, emergency management, and leadership. Each course is followed by a comprehensive research paper set in the context of the officer’s community. Gordon will present DeMarco’s Certificate of Completion at Wednesday night’s City Council meeting.

“We are so fortunate that Captain DeMarco had the drive to complete this program in addition to his other duties with the department,” said Gordon. “The department and the city are already benefitting from his research and the enhanced analytical skills he gained through his studies.”

Practical research in a community context

DeMarco’s research is being utilized by the department in a variety of ways. His paper on emergency response performance was a precursor to the Annual Report the department released in 2012.

His work with geographic information systems and pre-incident analysis led the department to start gathering data for all commercial properties in Everett, noting special hazards to firefighters in each building. The data is now available in real-time in each fire vehicle, and will form the map base for future dispatching and mapping applications for the department.

DeMarco says one of the most valuable aspects of the experience was the chance to meet and learn from other officers in the program.

“The visits to Emmitsburg allowed me to interact with fire officers from all over the nation – large and small departments ranging from rural, one-man volunteer engines to the cities of Los Angeles and New York,” said DeMarco. “It was valuable to learn that the challenges the Everett Fire Department faces are remarkably similar across the nation.”

DeMarco has been with the Everett Fire Department for more than 18 years and currently serves as a Fire Captain and Acting Battalion chief. As a captain, he supervises firefighters and is responsible for managing personnel, apparatus, equipment and station facilities. DeMarco also serves as treasurer for the Everett Firefighters Association.


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