Everett Considering Bond Measure to Add a 6th High School

August 29, 2013

Everett, Everett Government

Everett High Schools crowding

Does Everett want a 6th high school or more classrooms at existing locations?

There are currently five high schools serving the Everett School District. Everett High, Cascade High, Jackson High, Sequoia High and Online High School, a virtual high school that operates out of Sequoia. Today the Everett School District sent out a notice that high school enrollment in Everett Public Schools is expected to grow by about 650 students between now and 2022. This equals nearly half of a new high school and will create the need for approximately 27 new classrooms in the southern and central portions of the district over the next nine years.

In response to this growth the Everett Public Schools are holding focus groups to consider their options whether that be adding classrooms to existing schools or building another new high school. They’re looking for people to join the discussion. Here are the questions they face and how you can join a focus group to give your opinion…

So, what would you do if … ?

… you were in charge of proposing whether we build new schools or additions to existing schools, and

… you were in charge of deciding where in the southern and central parts of the district to build those classrooms, and

… you wanted the community to understand why more high school space is needed, what it will cost and all the reasons for choosing a particular solution?

You might ask people for their ideas.

Join us …

… for one of two community focus group meetings, explore the possible solutions to this high school growth and share your perspectives on this important topic in an interactive activity designed to help determine the long-term future of our high schools.

Each session will include small group discussions working through possible scenarios, asking questions and making suggestions for planning and developing a bond proposal for February 2014.


Register now for one of these planning sessions. Seats may fill quickly!


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