Hey Everett, How Affordable is Your Rent?

August 28, 2013

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Seattle Times rental story

The Seattle Times wants to know more about renting in Everett

Our news partner, The Seattle Times, did a weekend story on rising rents and how that was affecting people living and working in Seattle. They’d like to hear from folks in Everett as well on the cost of renting in Everett. If you’d like to help contribute, click this link to reach their map. Then pull down on the map until you reach Everett. Click on the “submit your rent story” bar and let people know how your rent is fairing. Currently the map shows that the median annual income in Everett is $48,947.00 and the median rent in Everett for a two bedroom apartment is $1203.00 per month. So Everett renters, what’s your story? Thanks to Alexa Vaughn at The Seattle Times for including MyEverettNews.com readers in this project.


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