Everett Likely to Name New Downtown Plaza Wetmore Plaza or Wetmore Theatre Plaza, but not City Plaza. Got it?

City Plaza

Plaza drawing by Nakano Associates

On Wednesday, the Everett City Council is scheduled to hear a briefing on proposed names for the new Plaza in front of the Everett Performing Arts Center in the 2700 Block of Wetmore. The city’s Parks Department, which will manage the plaza, submitted the name “City Plaza” to the Everett Historical Commission. The Historical Commission forwarded that name onto the Parks Board of Commissioners but they didn’t like the name submitted by their department and instead have submitted back to the Historical Commission the names “Wetmore Plaza” and “Wetmore Theatre Plaza”. The Historical Commission held a public hearing and at the end of that meeting decided either name was fine and so have submitted both to the City Council. Now the Everett City Council will get briefed this Wednesday and then hold a public hearing on Wednesday March 20th to find out if citizens like “Wetmore Plaza” or prefer “Wetmore Theatre Plaza”. At the end of the City Council’s public hearing the council may formally choose one of the suggested names. Or they may choose something else. Click this link if you’d like to read all of the information about how a city owned property gets named.

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