Health District Closes, Everett Condemns, Grand China Buffet

March 2, 2013

Everett, Everett Government

Throughout 2012 whenever I drove past the Grand China Buffet next to the K-Mart in south Everett, it always seemed busy. Until last month when it appeared the restaurant had closed. I stopped by today for a closer look and found signs from the Snohomish Health District saying the place was closed due to health code violations and a condemned notice from the city of Everett posted on the front door. I wasn’t able to find the on-line closure report to see what the history of the place had been and will try to follow-up to see what happened. If you ever want to see what the recent health inspection report was for your favorite Everett restaurant, you can search for it here.


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One Response to “Health District Closes, Everett Condemns, Grand China Buffet”

  1. Justin Says:

    That restaurant was freakin horrible seriously the food tasted like Poo
    Before like in 2010 the food was delicious and worth the 40$ for my family but now before it was condemned it was dry and you often find hair in foods but now we go to lucky buffet